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Navantia, NDLO Extend F-310 Frigates Maintenance Deal

first_img View post tag: Navantia Navantia, NDLO Extend F-310 Frigates Maintenance Deal Authorities View post tag: F-310 View post tag: europe View post tag: Naval View post tag: maintenance View post tag: News by topic October 29, 2014 View post tag: extend View post tag: deal View post tag: Navy View post tag: Frigates Navantia and the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) have agreed the extension of the “Follow on Technical Support” for the maintaining and life support works on the F-310 class frigates built by Navantia, until December 2015.This decision has been announced during the celebration of the Third Executive Meeting of the program, where both parts have analyzed the evolution of the works under the contract.The contract, signed on 26th June 2013, includes several works as support, engineering, technical assistance, repairs etc. of the equipment provided by Navantia (Integrated Platform Management System, engines, propulsion, etc.) as well as other platform equipment and systems.Navantia is also working on maintaining and improvement of the Nansen Class frigates (F-310) in Norway.Press release, Image: NAVANTIA View post tag: NDLO Back to overview,Home naval-today Navantia, NDLO Extend F-310 Frigates Maintenance Deal Share this articlelast_img read more

President Trump Recognizes Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel

first_imgCandidate For Congress Applauds President Trump On his Historic DecisionJasper, IN: Dr. Richard Moss, candidate for Congress, offered congratulations to President Trump.“Jerusalem has been the eternal capital of the Jewish people for three thousand years and of the modern state of Israel for nearly seventy years.  The Jewish people are inseparable from Jerusalem.  I congratulate the President for his bold decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol.”“The usual suspects agonized over the impact of Trump’s move on the so-called ‘peace process’ and the ‘two state solution’ as if ‘peace’ was breaking out all over the Middle East.  The Palestinian Authority (PA) laughably threatened to cut off ties with the US if Trump went through with it.  I would count that as an incentive for recognizing Jerusalem and while we’re at it we should end all funding, recognition, and legitimization of that terrorist gang.”“Turkey, under Islamist Recip Erdogan, which has become increasingly hostile to the US and the West, threatened to cut off diplomatic ties with Israel.  Make our day.  It is high time the West, led by the US, tossed Turkey out of NATO and moved our bases to friendlier nations.  And for good measure, we should recognize Iraqi Kurdistan and support the Kurdish independence movement in Turkey.”“We heard from the Palestinians, Europe, the UN, the Arab and Muslim world, the media, the Democrats, and the foreign policy establishment, particularly our pro-Palestinian State Department, all hyperventilating about the Trump decision. But this decision was based on the bipartisan 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act, passed by a 95-3 vote in the Senate that unfortunately came with a Presidential waiver.  Every President since including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama promised to move the US embassy to Jerusalem but failed to do so.  Only one, Donald Trump, kept his promise.”“The Palestinian terrorist gang known as the ‘Palestinian Authority,’ or ‘PA,’ (formerly, the ‘Palestinian Liberation Organization’ or ‘PLO’) under Mahmoud Abbas (in his twelfth year of a 4 year term) along with Hamas threatened violence, terrorism, and ‘Days of Rage.’  The Palestinians have been in a perpetual state of rage for decades.  They have been promoting violence and terrorism since the absurdly named ‘peace process’ began 24 years ago in Oslo.  Murder and terror is their stock in trade.  It is the only bargaining chip they have, since they have done nothing to create a functioning civil society or private economy.  But it has paid off.  The Palestinians receive massive undeserved international aid, holding the threat of violence and terror over the heads of the rest of the world, who, in effect, pay them ‘hush’ money,’ a highly lucrative racket for its corrupt leaders.  As such, they are the world’s ultimate welfare basket case with all the attendant social pathologies that accompany such fraud.  Any violence and terror from the Palestinians should be dealt with firmly by Israel’s police and military.”“Furthermore, why should we appease Palestinian extremists?  Why hold our policies hostage to terrorists?  Why allow Palestinian extortion and incitement to influence us at all?  We do not let terrorists tell us what capitols to recognize, what cartoons we can draw, and how we should live our lives – despite the handwringing of the anti-Israel left in the Democrat Party, the media, the UN, and in European and Muslim capitals.  The so-called ‘peace process’ is a fantasy and a sham.  The Palestinians do not even recognize Israel’s right to exist or that there is any historical connection between the Jewish people and the land of Israel, let alone seek a ‘two-state solution.’  The Palestinians have no intention of making peace with Israel.  Rather, they seek its destruction.”“It is time we accepted reality about the Palestinians and dealt with them as they are not as we wished them to be.  They are violent, radical, kleptocratic thugs who run a very profitable mafia state and shakedown operation.  The PA has formed a unity government with Hamas, which our State Department recognizes as a terrorist group.  The PA itself is a terrorist group on its own accord but also through its association with Hamas. We should therefore cut off all ties with the PA as required by law. We should stop training its security personnel.  We should derecognize, defund, and delegitimize the PA as a ‘peace partner,’ which clearly it is not.  It is the enemy of peace.”“Israel is the sole democracy in the Middle East, with world class hospitals, museums, symphonies, and universities.  It is an economic and military powerhouse and world leader in a wide range of innovative, cutting edge technologies and industries including biomedical, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, weapons, hydraulics, cyber security, computer sciences, agriculture, aerospace, genetics, cancer, ballistics, telecommunications, and many others.  Israel boasts Nobel Prize winners.  It leads the world in patents and copyrights.  Israel has its own ‘Silicon Valley’ and has been aptly nicknamed ‘Start-Up’ Nation.  Big Tech companies (and others) like Microsoft, Facebook, Cisco, Google, IBM, Motorola, and Apple have flocked to Israel to build research centers to take advantage of the abundant talent and resources available in Israel’s labor force, universities, companies, and other institutions. In Israel, women, gays, and all minorities including Christians and Muslims, enjoy equal protection and rights. Indeed, Israeli Arab Muslims are the freest Muslims in the Middle East.  Israel is the national model for the benighted Middle East and the rest of the world to follow. ”“Under Israeli rule, Muslims and Christians of Jerusalem enjoy protection of and access to their holy sites. When Jordan illegally occupied Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967 ancient synagogues were destroyed and Jewish headstones from the cemetery at the Mount of Olives were used for latrines. Christian sites similarly were vandalized and went unprotected.”“No other nation, including pariah states like North Korea, Cuba, or Iran, has had to endure the humiliation of the rest of the world ignoring its designated capitol.  Only our greatest ally in the Middle East, the sole democracy in an otherwise backward, torn region, devoid of human rights, liberty, and religious freedom, has had to tolerate such unfair treatment.  President Trump has corrected an historical wrong with his brave decision.  Bravo Mr. President and thank you.”Dr. Richard Moss is a board certified head and neck cancer surgeon and was a candidate for Congress in 2016. He graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine and has been in practice in Jasper and Washington, IN for over 20 years. He is married with four children.  Footnote: For more information visit Contact us at [email protected] Find Moss For Congress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.The City County Observer posted this letter without opinion, bias or editing.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

In my world

first_imgTom Herbert is a fifth-generation baker and director of Hobbs House Bakery, a multi-award-winning craft bakery, based in GloucestershireWell, we’ve nurtured our sourdough for a long, long, time. It was already very old when we started using it 25 years ago and it has risen the dough of some of our finest loaves. And recently, Uncle Sam collected the Artisanal Bread Product of the Year award from Ronnie Corbett at the Baking Industry Awards for our Wild White loaf its second national award in two years. On the back of the awards, selling a pile of sourdough loaves at the Organic Food festival in Bristol, and another pile that I shifted with my son, Milo, at Tetbury food festival, I asked my shop team leaders, how can we sell more in our shops? After one heck of a ’mind smash’, we agreed to run a week-long promotion. And the killer feature would be that, during every single transaction, the customer is asked: “Would you like to buy the Artisanal Loaf of the Year?” There would of course be the ubiquitous posters, window displays (featuring serving suggestions) and sampling. I also agreed to run a for-one-week-only promotional price, with about £1 off each loaf.It was during this week that the Queen of Shops, Mary Portas came to film in my Nailsworth bakery/café for the day. She brought with her the proprietor and baker from a South London family bakery to find inspiration among our hallowed gingerbread walls. Knowing something of Mary’s reputation, sharp-as-a-bread-slicer wit, and retail raptor eyes, I was baguetting myself (pardon my French). The responsibility of being the exemplar saw a Herculean mid-week effort and was rewarded with a Portas “Wow!” I’m sure the consistent message of our promotion helped and I felt relaxed long before she pinched my bottom.But it wasn’t just Mary’s box that was ticked, the promotion totally worked. And here’s the rub. In my Cirencester shop, they chose not to sell the Wild White at a promotional price and annihilated the sales in the other shops. That proved, beyond doubt in my mind, that customers buy sourdoughs and other artisanal breads on benefit and not price. In fact, I’m certain that a great loaf sold at a discount is a confusing and unappealing proposition to most people. And how does one encourage shop staff who don’t like the taste of sourdough to wax lyrical about it? I put on a two-hour bread event on a Friday evening, with the first handful of my shop team and some ladies from the office. It commenced with a Willy Wonka-style tour of the bakery, into the warm and humid prover, past the running-at-full-steam ovens, dipping fingers into the sourdough vats, inhaling the heady aroma of the overnight dough tubs, through the walk-through freezer; it was a bit like any dry ice scene in an ’80s power ballad being followed by a dozen women. We then rolled up our sleeves and each made a soda loaf. While the soda bread was baking, we sampled sourdough and other breads and made notes on how each of the breads would be best enjoyed and I had an opportunity to tell the stories and share the benefits with my rapt team.Everyone took home a hot soda bread and I’m thrilled with the feedback; young Nathan was heard the next day extolling the virtues of soda bread to a willing customer, authoritatively adding, “I made one yesterday.”In a nutshell, selling sourdough is about sampling (ideally toasted and hot and buttered), engaging the sales team with the making and the story and encouraging the smiling staff to invite customers to buy. Job’s a goodun. And the sourdough has been selling like hotcakes!last_img read more

Press release: Prime Minister’s roundtable with senior representatives of Japanese businesses

first_img The Prime Minister set out her vision for an outward looking, global Britain, and the long-term opportunities presented by the modern Industrial Strategy. The strength of the trade, investment and cultural relationship between the UK and Japan was discussed. The Japanese businesses present spoke of their desire to continue trading with, and investing in the UK. The Prime Minister reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to securing a new deep and special partnership with the EU as the UK leaves the EU. She reiterated her commitment to global free trade, and she recalled her discussions with Prime Minister Abe in Japan in August last year, and their agreement that, as the UK exits the EU, the UK and Japan will work quickly to establish a new economic partnership based on the final terms of the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. Business representatives expressed their appreciation for the opportunity for constructive dialogue with the Government, and agreed on the importance of the time-limited implementation period in providing clarity and certainty for people and businesses. There was also agreement on the importance of moving quickly in the negotiations to secure a trading relationship with the EU that is as tariff-free and frictionless as possible following the implementation period. In closing, the Prime Minister committed to maintaining a constructive dialogue between Government and business as EU exit negotiations progress. List of attendees Rt. Hon. Phillip Hammond MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rt. Hon. Greg Clark MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Rt. Hon. Liam Fox MP, Secretary of State for International Trade H.E. Koji Tsuruoka, Japanese Ambassador to the UK Sir Stephen Gomersall, Deputy Chairman Hitachi Europe Ltd Mr Mark Haviland, Managing Director Rakuten Mr Haruki Hayashi, CEO Mitsubishi Corporation Mr Gary Hendler, President EMEA Region, Chairman and CEO Eisai Mr Ian Howells, Senior Vice President Honda Mr Tetsuro Imaeda, CEO of SMBCE and Managing Executive Officer SMBC Mr Masumi Kakinoki, Senior Managing Executive Officer Marubeni Corporation Mr Atsushi Kume, Managing Director Mitsui & Co Europe Mr Masahiro Kuwahara, CEO EMEA MUFG Mr Yasuo Kashiwagi, Executive Chairman, Nomura Europe Holdings plc and Nomura International plc Mr Rajeev Misra, CEO Softbank Investment Advisers UK Mr Yasushi Morimoto, Managing Director Panasonic Manufacturing UK Ltd Mr Kazuo Okamoto, Chief Executive Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe Ltd Mr Ken Sakai, Managing Director KDDI Europe Mr Takashi Takenoshita, CEO Shionogi Mr Shinsuke Toda, Managing Director, Head of Europe Department Mizuho Dr Johannes Jacobus van Zyl, President and CEO Toyota Motor Europe Mr Paul Wilcox, EU VP Nissan Mr Takaaki Hanaoka, Secretary General JCCIcenter_img Alongside the Chancellor, Business Secretary and International Trade Secretary, the Prime Minister discussed the role of our modern Industrial Strategy in making the UK an even more attractive destination for Japanese and international investment, as well as the UK-Japan trade and investment relationship.Discussions also covered the opportunities and challenges presented by the UK’s exit from the EU.A Downing Street spokesperson said:last_img read more

moe. Fans Create Fundraiser For Bassist Rob Derhak

first_imgWhile moe.‘s Rob Derhak might not be giving audiences chills with his bass playing theatrics, he is inspiring a different kind of positive reaction among his dedicated fanbase. Derhak recently announced that he was diagnosed with oropharyngeal cancer, and his extended friends and “” have sprung into action to help the bassist with his medical Announces Indefinite Hiatus Starting August 1stWith moe. going on hiatus while Derhak undergoes treatment, concerned moe.rons have created a fundraising campaign they’re calling “Ribbons For rob.”. The fundraising site is selling baseball-style t-shirts emblazoned with a stylized ribbon featuring images of Derhak. Shirts are 30 dollars and donations are also being accepted. All proceeds are going directly to the Derhak family to help them be able to focus on rest and recovery. You can check out the site here.Campaign originator Leonard Nendza had this to say about his reasons for starting this kind-hearted initiative: “I dedicate this t-shirt design to Robert Derhak. Truly been blessed to watch you play your music the last 20 years with the boys in moe. Your music has inspired a continuous change in my life and brought it from emotional chaos to clarity. May the healing vibes of reach you.” His efforts have already begun to show results as word of the initiative begins to spread. Given the decades of goodwill built up by the band displays of appreciation are easily understood.We here at Live For Live Music are big fans of the guys in moe. and are happy to help spread the word about this wonderful gesture from their fans. It is always heartwarming to see what happens when a grateful audience gets a chance to return the love they have received from their favorite artists. While we wait for Derhak’s hopefully speedy recovery let’s take a moe.ment to enjoy his fan favorite tune “Rebubula.”“Rebubula-Four-Rebubula”last_img read more

Rock Icon Tom Petty Dead At Age 66

first_imgFollowing widespread reports that he was rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack in his Malibu, CA home on Sunday night, many major news outlets have reported that legendary singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/bandleader Tom Petty has passed away at the age of 66.[Cover Photo via Andrew Blackstein]The Gainesville, FL native rose to fame in the 1970s with his band, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Beginning with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ self-titled 1976 hit debut album, Petty experienced a level of success and longevity rarely seen in the history of popular music. He scored an extensive list of his singles over the years with The Heartbreakers, and experienced critical and commercial success as a songwriter/collaborator with Stevie Nicks (as on “Needles and Pins” and “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around”)  well as with a variety of other successful projects including the Traveling Wilburys (a late-’80’s supergroup with Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, and Roy Orbison) and Mudcrutch (his pre-heartbreakers band with whom he released a reunion album, 2, in 2016).Tom Petty’s music has crossed generational boundaries, and rock radio continues to feature his extensive catalogue of hit songs to this day (including “American Girl,” “Breakdown,” “Mary Jane’s Last Dance,” “Free Fallin’,” “Don’t Do Me Like That,” “I Won’t Back Down,” “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” “You Don’t Know How It Feels,” “You Got Lucky,” “Refugee,” “Jammin’ Me,” and countless others). His work glamorized the stories of rebels, refugees, outcasts, and all the downtrodden, making their narratives the central theme in his vastly successful catalogue. His distinctive voice and smooth rock sound became the soundtrack for those down-and-out souls, and the millions of people who heard their stories through Petty’s music.Over the course of his decorated music career, Petty sold more than 80 Million records worldwide, ranking him among the highest-selling recording artists of all time.Tom Petty and The Heartreakers had just finished their extensive national 40th anniversary tour with a performance at The Hollywood Bowl in Hollywood, CA exactly one week ago, on September 25th, 2017. Following the tour, Petty and the band issued an official thank you for their 40 years of support. Now, that message to fans rings even truer than it did when it was posted on Friday. “Without YOU, there’d be no US!,” it read.Petty was found collapsed and in full cardiac arrest at his Santa Monica home on Sunday night. He was rushed to the hospital, where he was put on life support. Earlier today, it was reported that Petty had stopped exhibiting brain function, and the decision had been made to take him off of life support.“It’s shocking, crushing news,” Petty’s friend and Traveling Wilburys bandmate Bob Dylan tells Rolling Stone in a statement. “I thought the world of Tom. He was great performer, full of the light, a friend, and I’ll never forget him.”Watch Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ famous New Year’s Eve ’78-’79 performance in Santa Monica, CA below, via YouTube user Josh Daniel:Rest easy, Tom. You will be sorely missed.[photo via Phierce Photo by Keith G] UPDATE #2 [10/3/17 – 12:15 a.m. PDT]: Tom Petty has passed away, according to official reports from his longtime manager and friend: Apple News/Buzzfeed News is reporting that Tom Petty’s camp has issued an official statement on behalf of Petty’s family and friends:On behalf of the Tom Petty family we are devastated to announce the untimely death of of our father, husband, brother, leader and friend Tom Petty,” said Tony Dimitriades, longtime manager of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers on behalf of the family. “He suffered cardiac arrest at his home in Malibu in the early hours of this morning and was taken to UCLA Medical Center but could not be revived. He died peacefully at 8:40 p.m. PT surrounded by family, his bandmates and friends.UPDATE #1: While many major news outlets have announced that Tom Petty has passed away based on a report from CBS News, the LAPD has since announced that they cannot confirm that Petty has died, conflicting the story’s initial source.last_img read more

Saint Mary’s hosts all-school formal

first_imgSaint Mary’s women will pack the Gillespie Center at the Hilton Garden Inn on the Saint Mary’s campus from 8 p.m. to midnight for the annual all-school formal Friday. Freshman Lauren Wells, Residence Hall Association (RHA) 2013 formal chair, said this year’s dance theme is the “Phantom of the Opera.” “[The committee] chose this theme because of the grand elegance and romanticism that surrounds a beautiful love story like that of ‘Phantom of the Opera,’” Wells said. Guests can expect a simple yet classic theme, which will include colors such as black, gold, red and white, Wells said. Wells said she was selected as the formal chair in September and her committee has been planning since November. She said the most challenging, time-consuming part of the planning process was organizing all the logistical details of a huge event: everything from a security detail to finding decorations and picking out the menu. “Although I will be working most of the formal, my enjoyment and satisfaction will directly come from the positive reactions and complements of our guests,” Wells said. “All I want is for our students to have a phenomenal experience.” Residence Hall Association president Sarah Copi said the committee was pleased with the choice of venue. “We, as [the] RHA, are really excited about the new venue and we are very proud of all the hard work Lauren and her committee have put in for this event,” Copi said. Wells said Belles look forward to the Saint Mary’s formal because it offers them a chance to celebrate with their classmates. “There is something about a Saint Mary’s formal that is so different than any other dances/formals of its type,” Wells said. “Knowing the fact that all your girlfriends are always there for you to have a good time definitely makes people more interested and excited to attend this formal.”Junior Kathleen Sullivan said she could not imagine missing the event. “My philosophy is, I have four years to go to formals with my best friends. Why wouldn’t I go?” Sullivan said. “I think it was a really good idea to have it at the Hilton Garden Inn because it’s really convenient for all students.” Junior Erica Chiarello said her date is traveling from West Virginia to attend. “I’m really looking forward to hanging out with my friends and having a great time,” she said. “I’m also excited to have a friend from home coming to visit.” Junior Katherine Kautz said this will be her first formal after spending time studying abroad. “I’m excited to see all of the dresses girls decide to wear, especially since it’s red carpet season,” Kautz said. Tickets are available for purchase from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Student Center atrium today. The cost is $15 per person or $30 per couple. Contact Meaghan Daly at [email protected]last_img read more

After A Year Like This, Expect A Strange New Year’s Eve

first_imgPexels Image.NEW YORK (AP) — If ever a year’s end seemed like cause for celebration, 2020 might be it.Yet the coronavirus scourge that dominated the year is also looming over New Year’s festivities and forcing officials worldwide to tone them down.From New York’s Times Square to Sydney Harbor, big public blowouts are being turned into TV-only shows and digital events. Fireworks displays have been canceled from the Las Vegas Strip to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Even private parties in some places are restricted.The occasion stirs mixed feelings for people like Cesar Soltero, who was taking photos, and taking stock, in Times Square this week. “I’m going to celebrate that I’m alive, but I’m not precisely too happy for this year,” said Soltero, 36, an engineer visiting from Orlando, Florida, after forgoing his usual holiday trip to see family in Mexico.Simona Faidiga and Alessandro Nunziata strolled through Times Square with their Labrador retriever puppy, Maggie, who has given Faidiga a lift after she lost her tour guide job.The Italian couple moved to Miami for new jobs in March, just as the pandemic froze tourism. He is working as a sales representative, but she is not back at work yet. And they’re not ready to declare 2021 will be better, not wanting to jinx it.“I mean, I don’t think it could be worse than 2020,” said Nunziata, 27.Days ahead of the ball drop in Times Square, it clearly wasn’t New Year’s as usual at the Crossroads of the World. There was room to roam on sidewalks that would normally be all but impassable.Vendors’ carts and window displays at the area’s struggling gift shops flaunted few 2021-themed souvenirs as workers set up a stage for a celebration that will unfold this year without the usual throngs of cheering, kissing revelers. Police will block off the area so spectators can’t get a glimpse.“It’s almost like a ‘Seinfeld’ episode,” Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said, invoking the 1990s “show about nothing.” “This is a ball drop about nothing, where you can’t see, so you may as well stay home.”The event’s special guests will be first responders and essential workers. But they won’t be joining the mayor on stage to lead the countdown. Instead, each guest will watch from a private, well-spaced area.The night’s performances — including disco diva Gloria Gaynor’s singing of the apt-for-2020 anthem “I Will Survive” — will be aimed at TV audiences.New Year’s Eve will look different around the world after a year in which the virus killed an estimated 1.8 million people, including more than 330,000 in the U.S.Germany banned the sale of fireworks, which residents usually set off in on the streets, and a pyrotechnics show at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate is off.So, too, are the fireworks over the River Thames in locked-down London, where New Year’s Eve also marks Britain’s final economic split from the European Union. However, Big Ben, which has been largely silent since 2017 while its clock tower is restored, will sound 12 bongs at midnight.The Netherlands moved the national countdown from an Amsterdam park to a soccer stadium, where spectators won’t be allowed in and pyrotechnics will be replaced with “electric fireworks.”In Rome, the fireworks are still on, but customary concerts in public plazas have been scrapped in favor of livestreamed performances and art installations. Pope Francis will skip his typical Dec. 31 visit to the Vatican’s life-sized Nativity scene in St. Peter’s Square and plans to deliver his New Year’s Day blessing indoors, to prevent crowds from gathering.Rio de Janeiro nixed the fireworks, open-air concerts and rooftop parties that draw crowds of white-clad revelers in the Copacabana neighborhood, where only residents will be allowed in.New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest days of the year at Paulo Roberto Senna’s Copacabana beach stand, but the 57-year-old said he was OK with the shutdown: “No money can buy our health!”Hot dog vendor Fabio Henrique saw it differently.“They tell us to stay home, but for those who don’t have money, where are we going to get the means to live?” asked Henrique, 39.In Russia, New Year’s Eve has been more widely celebrated than Christmas, which is marked on Jan. 7 by the country’s Orthodox Christian majority. Public events have been banned or restricted in many regions. But the country’s so-called New Year’s Eve capital, the city of Kaluga, is luring tourists with a week of festivities, despite pleas from residents to cancel. Officials in Kaluga, 150 kilometers (90 miles) southwest of Moscow, said virus precautions will be taken.Poland has told residents not to circulate between 7 p.m. on Dec. 31 until 6 a.m. on Jan. 1. Turkey declared a four-day lockdown starting on New Year’s Eve, and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned that security forces will inspect hotels for illicit parties.In the U.S., the Christmas morning bombing of the downtown tourist district in Nashville, Tennessee, led the city to cancel its plan to light fireworks and blow up a 2020 sign.“To say it would have been tone deaf would be an understatement,” said Bruce Spyridon, president of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp.In Las Vegas, casino capacity is being limited to 25% and public gatherings are capped by the governor at 50 people. But despite the rules and the risk of COVID-19, tens of thousands of people are expected to mark the new year on the Strip or downtown. Police said their best guess is for 200,000 revelers.South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa suggested a new way of observing the holiday by lighting candles to honor COVID-19 victims and front-line workers and to hope for a healthy 2021.Back in New York, yoga and stress-management instructor Allison Richard, 39, wrote up a few New Year’s wishes on confetti that will be dropped at midnight in Times Square.“Freedom,” she wrote, and “contentment,” “commitment,” “connection,” “prosperity” and “love.” Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Economics May Yet Kill the Keystone XL

first_imgEconomics May Yet Kill the Keystone XL FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享The Economist:In the nine years since Keystone XL was first proposed it has become the most political of pipelines, pitting environmentalists, ranchers and Native Americans against oil companies, state officials and unionists. Barack Obama’s administration delayed its construction in 2011, then rejected it in November 2015. Shipping oil from Canada’s tar sands, which is one of the dirtiest sources of crude, threatened to undercut the leadership role the government wanted to play on climate change. “So sad that Obama rejected Keystone Pipeline. Thousands of jobs, good for the environment, no downside!” tweeted Donald Trump, then a presidential candidate.As soon as Mr Trump was in office he revived the proposal for a large tube running from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico. Russell Girling, boss of TransCanada, the Canadian operator of Keystone, said he was “very relieved” to see the $8bn project finally approved. On November 20th Nebraska’s regulators had more good news for Mr Girling. The Public Service Commission, an elected panel of four Democrats and one Republican, approved Keystone XL crossing Nebraska, clearing the last big hurdle for the construction of the expanded pipeline.Yet the green light came with an amber one—the commissioners did not approve the route preferred by TransCanada, but one farther east. This could add more expense and complexity to a project that was costly and complicated before it even started (it involves dozens of landowners who have not yet been consulted). It could also prompt yet another review of Keystone XL in neighbouring South Dakota, which has already said it will look at the pipeline again if changes made by other states affect the route through its plains.TransCanada’s reaction to the regulators’ decision was muted, at best. Mr Girling is now “assessing how the decision would impact the cost and schedule of the project”, he said in a statement. In July TransCanada launched an “open season” to solicit binding commitments from shippers for Keystone XL. It has not made the results public.Once all the reviews are completed, it may be economics rather than politics that halts the pipeline. “The financial viability of the project is highly speculative,” says Tom Sanzillo of the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, a research group, who thinks there is only a 20-30% chance the pipeline will be built. For Keystone XL to work financially, the price of oil needs to be $80-90 a barrel, with an upward trajectory, says Mr Sanzillo. The price of oil is at $60 a barrel, compared with $140 in 2008 when TransCanada first applied for a permit to pipe oil across the American-Canadian border. Lorne Stockman of Oil Change International, an advocacy group, also thinks the pipeline is unlikely to be built. To get going TransCanada needs to sign up enough clients with long-term contracts for 90% of the capacity of Keystone XL, which will be able to transport 830,000 barrels of oil a day (compared with 600,000 barrels from the current pipeline). “Shippers will not have signed the dotted line before the Nebraska decision,” says Mr Stockman. And they are likely to be more hesitant to sign up now given that the route has been altered from the one preferred by TransCanada.More: The Keystone XL pipeline has won approval in Nebraska: That is no guarantee it will actually be builtlast_img read more

NAFCU economist: GDP growth ‘solid’; still expects Q3 rate cut

first_imgAccording to the Commerce Department’s final estimate for the first-quarter, the U.S. economy grew 3.1 percent – growth which NAFCU Chief Economist and Vice President of Research Curt Long called “solid” but predicted a downturn in a NAFCU Macro Data Flash report.“Despite the solid headline figure, weak consumer spending during the quarter is concerning,” said Long. “It is unlikely that segments like inventory accumulation and trade will continue to buoy GDP as they did in the first quarter. “On the bright side, retail spending has picked up a bit in the current quarter and should remain strong enough to ward off a recession this year.“The Commerce Department’s measure of inflation was revised up, but it remains well below the Fed’s target. NAFCU continues to expect a rate cut from the Fed in the third quarter,” Long added. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more