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Morocco wellplaced to serve as investment platform in Africa Minister

Dallas (Texas)  – Thanks to its strategic geographical location at the crossroads of world maritime routes, Morocco is well-placed to serve as a logistic, industrial and financial platform for investment in Africa, said Thursday in Dallas Mamoun Bouhdoud minister delegate for Small Enterprises and Informal Sector Integration.The minister, who was speaking at the US- Morocco Trade and Investment Forum, added that the Kingdom ensures a worldwide important marine connectivity through its Tangier-Med port, the biggest marine infrastructure in the Mediterranean region with 2.5 million containers handled in 2013.Bouhdoud recalled that Morocco, which is Africa’s second destination for investments, is perceived as the “next zone of growth”. Thanks to its political stability and its business climate, Morocco offers “enormous opportunities for win-win partnerships”, the minister noted.The Moroccan official recalled in this context that the United States ranks 3rd among Morocco’s top trading partners, pointing out that the Kingdom is the only African country to have signed a free-trade agreement with the USA. read more