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10 Cities With the Best and Worst Credit Scores

first_imgHome / Daily Dose / 10 Cities With the Best and Worst Credit Scores March 23, 2018 4,282 Views 10 Cities With the Best and Worst Credit Scores Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Subscribe Previous: Homebuyers, Fixed-income Families Brace for Impact of Rising Prices Next: FHFA: Fannie, Freddie Foreclosure Preventions Top 4M in Q4 Sign up for DS News Daily Share Save Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days ago About Author: Scott Morgan Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago Cities Credit Scores Median Scores Residents WalletHub 2018-03-23 Radhika Ojha Related Articles Tagged with: Cities Credit Scores Median Scores Residents WalletHubcenter_img Demand Propels Home Prices Upward 2 days ago A new report by WalletHub shows that when it comes to solid credit, residents of several cities in Florida and California have the edge on the rest of the country.The firm compared the median credit scores of residents in 2,572 U.S. cities, small medium, and large, and found a steady stretch of 700-plus credit ratings among residents almost all the way up the Atlantic coast. The cluster was especially thick in the southern Atlantic states, namely Florida and Georgia, and in metros known to be retirement hotspots.Overall, The Villages, Florida, had the top median credit score in the United States. Its median score of 807 was, in fact, the only one above 800. Nearby Sun Center, Florida, finished second on the list, with a median credit rating of 789.While two cities in Arizona (Sun City West and Green Valley) placed third and fourth, California saw seven towns in the top 25, more than any other state. Three cities in New York and Massachusetts also made the top 25.The median credit rating for cities in the 99th percentile was around 770.While California has the most cities in the 99th percentile (eight overall), few of the state’s metros are along the Pacific coast. The largest clusters of California cities with high median credit scores are more inland. Coastal cities in California tended towards the bottom third percentile.And while large clusters of Georgia proved to have high median scores, Georgia recorded the most metros—seven—in the bottom 1 percentile for credit scores. New Jersey saw five cities in the bottom 1 percentile and is home to the city with the country’s worst median credit score. Camden posted a median score of 541. The city, along with East St. Louis, Illinois, are the only two cities in the United States with median credit scores below 550.Among major cities, San Jose placed highest, but its placement (620th on the list) suggests that small and medium-sized cities are by far more likely to house residents with top-tier credit scores. That said, San Jose’s median score was 722. That’s about the median U.S. credit rating, judging by WalletHub’s figures. Altogether, 1,075 cities had median credit scores above 700.Detroit, at 552, was the major city with the lowest median rating. That’s a tie for third-worst overall, with Chester, Pennsylvania, and Harvey, Illinois. Fifty-four cities had median scores below 600; Detroit was the only major city in that category. The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago The Week Ahead: Nearing the Forbearance Exit 2 days ago Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago  Print This Post in Daily Dose, Featured, Journal, Market Studies, News The Best Markets For Residential Property Investors 2 days ago Servicers Navigate the Post-Pandemic World 2 days ago Scott Morgan is a multi-award-winning journalist and editor based out of Texas. During his 11 years as a newspaper journalist, he wrote more than 4,000 published pieces. He’s been recognized for his work since 2001, and his creative writing continues to win acclaim from readers and fellow writers alike. He is also a creative writing teacher and the author of several books, from short fiction to written works about writing. Data Provider Black Knight to Acquire Top of Mind 2 days ago Governmental Measures Target Expanded Access to Affordable Housing 2 days agolast_img read more


first_imgGREGG REPORTS $3 MILLION RAISED IN 2ND QUARTER; $8.6 MILLION OVERALLCampaign has already surpassed total raised in 2012INDIANAPOLIS –Today, the Gregg for Governor campaign reported raising $3.02 million in the second quarter of 2016, bringing its total contributions for the cycle to $8.6 million.The campaign, which has already outraised the $6.4 million raised in Gregg’s 2012 effort, maintains a $5.8 million cash balance.“Hoosiers are supporting John Gregg and Christina Hale because they want leaders who are committed to doing the job, to advancing ideas over ideology and to making a positive difference in their lives,’’ said Tim Henderson, Gregg for Governor campaign manager. “We are proud to have drawn support from Democrats, Republicans and Independents who are eager to elect John Gregg and put Indiana back on track.”The campaign received 5,454 different contributions (not including in-kind donations), of which 92 percent came from individuals. The average individual donation for the quarter was $212.For more information on John Gregg, Christina Hale or their campaign, please visit www.greggforgovernor.com or call 317-510-1876.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more

Keller Williams Gets Us Excited For All Things KWahtro, Including Fall Tour And Future Album

first_imgKeller Williams is mastering his latest studio project, KWahtro, and taking to the road with the stellar band he assembled for a special run of fall dates. Fans of Williams’s many dimensions will be delighted at this new, acoustic take on classic jazz themes, along with plenty of improvisation. With longtime collaborator Gibb Droll flanking him on guitar, with drummer Rodney Holmes and bassist Danton Boller joining Keller on the road and in the studio, you can bet the songs are going to be forming before your eyes and ears at these upcoming shows.But the fall fun doesn’t stop there. Keller managed to find time for a couple of his legendary solo shows, a few co-headlining dates with fellow multi-instrumentalist Zach Deputy and even some bluegrass shenanigans with his friends The Infamous Stringdusters before ringing out the year in Baltimore. A few weeks ago our own Rex Thomson sat down with Keller Williams to talk about his upcoming album and the funky sound he and his fellow players were laying down.The first half of that lengthy interview, which focused on Williams’ amazing catalog, can be read here while the second part of the discussion Williams turns to the future. and his fall tour plans.Live For Live Music: In our last chat we went through the impressive amount of releases that have gone through in the past. Do you still get butterflies in your stomach when the big moment of sharing new music arrives?Keller Williams: No. Any bits of new material are so few and far between for me anymore that I end up playing them live immediately because I am so excited to have something to share. Having something new isn’t just fun for the fans, it excites me too. And actually getting to go into the studio and perfect these songs? I am ELATED to have new material to play.I learned long long ago that you can’t please everyone all the time. That taught me to make music that excites me, and my recordings are very self indulgent in the sense that I am documenting, in the highest quality possible, the music that most engages me. To use only the very best of takes, to try to have something that comes from it to show what is best to me, it always makes me excited.The process of making it, that recording and perfecting it, that makes it worth while whether the album sells or not. Usually not…L4LM: Awwww.KW: I know right? Awwwww. Ha!L4LM: Let’s talk about KWahtro. You’ve got your old buddy Gibb Droll with you. By my reckoning he is your most worked with collaborator, recording-wise at least. What is it about him that makes him so much of a pleasure to work with?KW: First off, he is a listener. He understands my thinking and my scales. My guitar playing is somewhat limited in a sense, in terms of scales and chords and places I can generally go. He knows what I know, and knows or can guess where I am going.Say I fall into a rhythm and I start to twist it up and try and take it somewhere different. He understand where I might be heading, even if sometimes I don’t. And then we can both fall back into where the song was going perfectly. It’s kinda a telepathy thing between he and I.I’m always glad to get some time with him because he is so busy. Since I saw him a few days ago, he has been out with Bruce Hornsby. Sometimes he’ll go from tour bus to tour bus and jump on the Brandi Carlisle bus. He’s one of the best and he’s all over the place.L4LM: The rhythm section for this project seems binary to me. Rodney Holmes seems to be doing the pocket work, while Danton Boller seems to be acting as a free agent and joining you and Droll in the forefront, musically. Is that an accurate summation of the situation to you?KW: I’ve never really thought of it in the context of being binary, but that is such a good word. Rodney is, first of all, a genius. He blows me away every time I play with him. You’d think you’d get used to it, but then he just plays some lick and you’re like “GOD DAMN!” I still freak out when he does that. I haven’t gotten used to it yet, and I kinda hope I never do.Every time I play with him it takes me a few minutes to get oriented to the level of his genius. But he is very numbers oriented, metronome -ish, though he can change time signatures at any time. He is definitely a bit more of a structure guy. If we say we’re gonna improvise from here to here in a song, then it is definitely ready to go down. And when you go on those journeys you know he is there, keeping the piece together. He is gonna keep the time.And that is one of the interesting dynamics of this band. Danton Boller, the bass player, is just another beautiful soul I am lucky enough to know and make music with. I’m incredibly grateful to be acquainted with him, and to be a part of his life. The four of us, together, when something kinda goes off Rodney gets it and comes along with us. Gibb and I have no problem taking the back roads to get us to the finish line.L4LM: The new music has a bit of a jazzy vibe to it. How long have you been holding back tackling this side of your sound more definitively?KW: I think there are little pockets of jazz on a bunch of my records. I can think of a few, like “Warning,” off of my record Odd is a straight “Upright Bass-Guitar-Piano” thing. It is definitely a side of music that I connect with more along the lines of acid jazz, that swinging ride symbol and maybe the “Four-On-The-Floor” beat.Using these fun, out there chords like I do and the improvisation. I feel like jazz is a strong part of my sound, even though I could be considered a poser in my approach. I don’t really study it. I haven’t taken the time to learn all the standard jazz licks or the songs.I couldn’t go to a strict jazz jam and hang with those guys. I just don’t know the material. I am just more of a fan of the genre, but that’s why elements of the style show up in my material. Same with bluegrass. I don’t really know all those old bluegrass licks either, but I love the classic sound of the material. Those elements are gonna be popping up all the time.L4LM: You’ve got a lot of concerts lined up to show off the new tunes and feature the music from the album. Will there be any reinventions of old material to go along with the KWahtro line-up?KW: Now, can’t give away all the secrets in advance, can we? Folks DO need to come see the shows!L4LM: You’re throwing in a few solo dates among your upcoming KWahtro run. Are those basically mental musical palette cleansers, are you trying to keep yourself fresh or is it the old “Pick up gas money” sorta thing?KW: KWahtro is compiled of seasoned working players. It’s not easy to assemble this band. I’m grateful to get solo offers and take them when ever folks in the desired projects are not available. It’s a luxury.L4LM: You booked yourself a rather busy fall, with a wide variety of shows on the way. The two Thanksgiving shows are being billed as bluegrass related. Will these be straight Grateful Grass shows, or is there something different in the works?KW: I’m afraid I could never play straight up bluegrass. I’m a fan way more than a player. It will be bluegrass but not your fathers bluegrass.  It will be tongue and cheek, rock and roll and pop songs mixed in with my material, all done with respect to the traditional bluegrass formula with no drums.  It’s a feeble attempt to entertain myself and those on stage with me in the hopes that it will carry over to the audience.Here’s Keller from Summer Camp earlier this year performing his beloved “Freaker by the Speaker.”L4LM: Well, I hope you manage to squeeze a drumstick or something in. Maybe some of that crimson stuff shaped like a can?KW: Oh turkey will be eaten. Football will be watched. Naps will be taken.  My shows are on Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. And what a lineup.  I got lucky this year. Just like last year.L4LM: L4LM: You are gonna be sharing the stage with fellow one-man-band troubadour Zach Deputy a few times this fall. Somehow that seems like it should be illegal, in the same way we don’t like having all the heads of government in the same place at the same time.KW: Zack and I are bros. He will be the sole looper for these shows. I’m more than happy to utilize the amazing humans who will be on stage with me during these shows. It’s uncertain how many times I can assemble the KWahtro and I’m going to absorb every second of it without any looper involved.Zack has the soul of a spiritual leader and I’m looking forward to being inspired by his presence, which is always a present. And there is zero chance of a parade, but 100% chance of collaboration in real time. I’m ready.L4LM: Fair Enough. Well, once again, thanks for taking the time to give us a glimpse into your process. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!KW: Thanks! I can’t wait either!You can see Keller’s full tour schedule below.last_img read more

Governor Wolf Signs Law to Help Prepare for the General Election

first_img June 18, 2020 SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Press Release,  Voting & Elections Governor Tom Wolf signed into law House Bill 2502, now Act 35 of 2020, that requires the Department of State to publish a report on the June 2, 2020, primary election. The report will help identify any necessary changes to the Pennsylvania Election Code before the general election in November.“Despite a pandemic, Pennsylvania had a safe and successful primary election, but improvements can always be made,” said Gov. Wolf. “Thanks to historic election reform last year, voters were able to embrace new mail-in voting and use new voting machines. Now we must prepare for the presidential election and the huge turnout that is expected in November. This report will help to pinpoint ways to make our election process better.”The report will include a series of data points for each county relating to the reforms of Act 77 of 2019 and Act 12 of 2020, including the numbers of mail-in ballots that were applied for and received, the number of new voter registrations received, and what time each county began to pre-canvass and canvass absentee and mail-in ballots.The primary election was the first time Pennsylvanians could vote by mail-in ballot without having to provide an excuse. Nearly 1.5 million mail-in or absentee ballot were cast, 17 times the number that voted absentee in the 2016 primary, when approximately 84,000 absentee ballots were cast.To help counties with the surge of mail-in ballots and to reduce delays in reporting election results, the department supports a proposed legislative change to allow counties to begin processing mailed ballots in the weeks before election day. Under current law, counties cannot begin to pre-canvass these ballots until 7 a.m. on election day.The final 22 counties also debuted new voting systems in the primary, completing a two-year initiative to bring state-of-the-art voting systems to all 67 counties.Ver esta página en español.center_img Governor Wolf Signs Law to Help Prepare for the General Electionlast_img read more

Digital TV for SA by 2010

first_img28 May 2007State-owned signals provider Sentech is on course to providing about 80% digital terrestrial transmission coverage by the start of the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa.Delivering her department’s budget in Parliament in Cape Town last week, Communications Minister Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri said Sentech intends to launch at least one high definition television satellite channel in time for the World Cup.She said the company would also build a second teleport to provide additional capacity needed for the satellite uplink.In line with the government’s technology plan for 2010, the SA Broadcasting Corporation also plans to have six more high definition units in place by end of 2009.“The implementation of this strategy will meet a number of Asgi-SA objectives, as well as delivery of service to under-serviced second economy areas,” Matsepe-Casaburri said.“We have established a body to oversee the rollout of digital migration in South Africa and we have called it the Digital Dzonga (South).”South Africa’s Cabinet approved the move for the country’s digital migration process to be switched on by 1 November 2008, with analogue signals set to be switched off on 1 November 2011.She said that set-top boxes would enable South Africans to access digital signals using their analogue television sets.South Africa is to begin growing its set-top box manufacturing and maintenance capability, providing an additional boost for job creation in the country.Local contentMatsepe-Casaburri added that new television channels would grow from the migration, requiring the development of more local television content and thus supporting the growth of the country’s creative industries.“New industries such as animation will flourish,” the minister said, noting that the National Electronic Media Institute of SA (Nemisa) was establishing a digital content hub that would facilitate the production of animated and e-learning products and enable South Africa to become the “digital repository of its own historical and cultural content.“Already our own Magic Cellar children’s programme has found resonance in the USA, where HBO has indicated interest.”Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Be One in a Million – Register Now for Summer Touch Football Competitions!

first_imgIt All Starts Here! Registrations into new Summer Season Touch Football competitions are now open.Summer is fast approaching and what better way to get into shape with your friends than register and participate in the several touch football competitions offered right around the country. Touch Football Australia has set the strategic target of one million participants in the sport by 2020; excitement is building across the country with participation growth evident particularly in the junior competitions. Tune in to TFA’s new season activation video where CEO of Touch Football Australia, Colm Maguire, highlights the importance of participating in sport and the diverse opportunities Touch Football has to offer and the on how and where to register. “Touch Football is a very inclusive, diverse and social sport; catering for both genders, a wide variety of ages, abilities and communities with an extensive national footprint,” Maguire said.  â€œWe are encouraging all juniors and seniors along with community groups and other sports including Rugby League players coming out of Winter competitions, to dust off their boots and participate in the many fun, social and inclusive Touch Football competitions and programs on offer over the 2016-17 Summer period.”Visit PlayNRL.com and the TFA website (state and national) on registration and location competition information and contacts. Using the locator button, simply enter your postcode to find your closest touch football affiliate and you and your teammates are on your way to a season of fun, fitness and meeting new friends. So, get your friends and team together and register now to be one in a million! Related LinksBe One in a Millionlast_img read more

10 months agoRoma chief Monchi admits interest in Genoa striker Piatek, but…

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Roma chief Monchi admits interest in Genoa striker Piatek, but…by Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveAS Roma chief Monchi admits they’re interested in Genoa striker Krzysztof Piatek.However, he says they won’t consider the Pole at his current valuation.“Piatek? It would be possible if they didn’t ask for €70m,” Monchi told Gazzetta dello Sport.“For me he’s a good player, but he plays for Genoa. Tonali’s one of the best youngsters in Italian football, but I could say the same about Barella.“[Gianluca] Mancini? Right now it’s impossible, but in the summer it’s different. Rugani? Impossible, Juventus rejected a €40m bid from Chelsea and we can’t spend so much on a central defender.” last_img read more

Amal Clooney to attend Torontos Luminato festival

center_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment TORONTO — Renowned international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney is slated to attend Toronto’s Luminato arts festival in June.Organizers say she’ll take part in an onstage conversation with her father-in-law, American journalist Nick Clooney, who is screen star George Clooney’s dad.The chat will happen at Roy Thomson Hall on June 22. Advertisement Twitterlast_img