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Humboldt State quarterback Robert Webber ‘honored’ to add another record to his name

first_imgArcata >> It was a text from his parents that tipped Robert Webber off to his history-making night in Southern California this past Saturday.“It was mentioned over the summer, but I had totally forgot about,” Webber said with a grin. “I didn’t know until I was on the way back up here. My mom and dad and one of my friends texted congratulations, and it kind of caught me off guard because I totally didn’t even think about it.”Webber might not have been aware of the fact that he needed all of 15 …last_img read more

New ‘living fossil’ joins coelacanth

first_img27 October 2006A PhD student from Johannesburg’s Wits University has uncovered a 360-year-old fossil of a small boneless fish species still found swimming, largely unchanged, in today’s waters – again proving that South Africa is a rich repository of evidence of the evolution of life on earth.The lamprey, a parasite that sucks the blood of other fish, joins South Africa’s coelacanth as one of the world’s remarkable “living fossils”.Robert Gess, a student at the Bernard Price Institute for Palaeontological Research, found the fossil fish after slowly chipping away at 300 cubic metres of rock with a penknife. The rock was recovered after blasting for the construction of the N2 bypass around Grahamstown nearly 25 years ago.The find is described in the 26 October 2006 issue of Nature, the world’s most prestigious scientific journal, in a paper co-authered by Gess and his supervisors, Professor Bruce Rubidge of Wits and Dr Mike Coats of the University of Chicago.“Apart from being the oldest fossil lamprey yet discovered, this fossil shows that lampreys have been parasitic for at least 360-million years,” Rubidge said. The find is 35-million years older than the next-oldest lamprey fossil so far discovered.The fossil of Priscomyzon riniensis, a species of lamprey that lived 360-million years ago. Lampreys are boneless, so fossils of the fish are rare (Image: Nature)Lampreys are long, eel-like parasites that attach themselves to and feed on other fish. Of the 46 000 known species of vertebrates, lampreys and hagfish are the only surviving jawless vertebrates. Lampreys are also the most primitive of the vertebrates, having changest the least from their earliest ancestors. Other than having no jaws, lampreys have no paired pectoral and pelvic fins, and no scales.A drawing taken from the fossil parasite. The lamprey’s mouth parts are clearly visible (Image: Nature)“This fossil changes how we look at lampreys today,” said Coates. “They’re very ancient, very primitive animals, yet with highly specialised feeding habits.”The new fossil shows that the anatomical evolution of lampreys has been more conservative than scientists thought, Coates said. Although they’ve lengthened slightly, they specialised early and successfully in their evolution and so have remained largely unchanged for the past 360 million years.The find is also remarkable for being a nearly complete soft tissue impression. Without bones or much cartilage, lampreys don’t fossilise easily, so preserved specimens are rare.“These are pretty insubstantial animals,” Coates said. “Lacking a bony skeleton, they rot down, leaving no hard parts like a skull or ribs. So if a fossil site is discovered that yields impressions of the delicate remains of these animals, then this site needs to be explored thoroughly for other examples of exceptional preservation.”The scientists will continue to sort through much of the indeterminate material that is emerging from the ongoing dig.Dedication and passion“This discovery is a monument to the dedication and passion of [Gess], who has spent many months patiently excavating and unearthing the elusive secrets from the prehistoric past,” Rubidge said.Gess has named the specimen Priscomyzon riniensis. The first name is Latin, meaning “ancient lamprey”, and Rini is the isXhosa name for Grahamstown. Preserved showing the underside, the fossil is less than five centimetres long and features a set of 14 teeth surrounding the mouth that is proportionately larger than its descendents today.“The most striking feature of Priscomyzon is its large oral disc, edged with a soft outer lip, supported by an annular cartilage, and surrounding a circular mouth,” the authors wrote in Nature. “This is the first clear evidence of a Palaeozoic lamprey with an oral disc.”According to the scientists, this find greatly adds to what was a severely limited lamprey fossil record and, for the first time, places the origin of modern lamprey morphology deep within the Palaeozoic period. It adds essential new detail to the emerging and changing picture of early vertebrate evolution.Until now, the lamprey fossil record included only those that show a side view but reveal little of the gill basket and feeding apparatus.The new South African fossil shows that these anatomically specialised fish are holdovers from ancient marine ecosystems. Obviously exceptional survivors, these animals predate the advent of modern fish and have survived the world’s four major extinction events.“There are few representatives of these early branches in vertebrate evolution that are still around today,” Coates said. Although highly specialised in their own right, these primitive animals are used as surrogate ancestors for comparative research on living jawed vertebrates.“It gives us a calibration point,” Coates said. “We study lampreys because, in many respects, they’re so primitive. They never had jaws, they never had [true] teeth, they never had fins, they never had limbs. Lampreys provide a glimpse of conditions early in vertebrate evolutionary history.”The lamprey lifecycleNearly 50 species of lampreys are found today in temperate rivers and coastal seas. Some live in fresh water for their entire lives, but most are anadromous, hatching in fresh water, migrating to the ocean to grow and mature, and migrating back to fresh water to spawn and reproduce.When adult lampreys return to fresh water, they stop feeding during winter and spawn the following spring. Eggs hatch after about three weeks and become blind larvae, called ammocoetes. After four to seven years, the ammocoetes metamorphose into juvenile lampreys called macropthalmia, which migrate out to the ocean and become parasitic adult lampreys, living just a year or two and growing up to 60 centimetres long.Lampreys have a sucker-like mouth with a ring of cartilage that supports the rim of the mouth. It fastens on to a living fish with its teeth, rasps at the host’s soft tissues with its piston-like tongue, produces strands of mucus to trap the food and feeds on the body fluids. A fish attacked by lampreys may be severely injured or even killed. Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Best practices when it comes to petty cash

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Brian E. Ravencraft, CPA, CGMA is a Principal with Holbrook & Manter, CPAsPetty cash is defined by Wikipedia as a small amount of discretionary cash funds used for expenditures where it is not sensible to write a check because of convenience and the cost of writing, signing and cashing the check. So, while petty cash is a small amount of money, it can also be stolen or abused, so it is best to have some rules to handle it.Set a reasonable amount for petty cash. Estimate how much you would need to cover small office expenses for about a month. You want the amount to be as small as possible, without having to replenish too often.Have a set of rules on how petty cash can be spent. Put the policy in writing and give some good examples of what petty cash can be used for — making change, small office supplies, postage, etc. You can also have a ceiling on the amount of a receipt that can be reimbursed from petty cash, such as $25, so that employees know ahead of time what will be allowed.Have a secure location to keep petty cash. Keep petty cash in a locked location such as a file cabinet or desk drawer.Give access to only one employee. Designate one employee to have responsibility for the petty cash fund. If every employee has access and funds are missing, it will be hard to know who might be responsible for the lack of documentation or even theft.Require everyone to provide receipts. The designated employee should require employees to fill out a voucher or provide a receipt for the expenses paid from petty cash. A running log should be kept.Balance and replenish petty cash. When petty cash is replenished, the actual cash should be counted. Adding the cash total to the total expense receipts in petty cash should total to the original amount put into petty cash. Once petty cash is “balanced,” write a company check to the designated employee for the amount of the receipts contained in petty cash. They can then cash the check and replenish petty cash. For more information on petty cash or help with petty cash or other accounting questions, contact Holbrook & Manter.Brian E. Ravencraft, CPA, CGMA is a Principal with Holbrook & Manter, CPAs. Brian has been with Holbrook & Manter since 1995, primarily focusing on the areas of Tax Consulting and Management Advisory Services within several firm service areas, focusing on agri-business and closely held businesses and their owners. Holbrook & Manter is a professional services firm founded in 1919 and we are unique in that we offer the resources of a large firm without compromising the focused and responsive personal attention that each client deserves. You can reach Brian through www.HolbrookManter.com or at [email protected]last_img read more

How To Clean Up The Apps Connected To Your Social Media Accounts

first_imgTags:#Facebook#LinkedIn#security#twitter So take a few moments now and clean up your social media accounts! Your connected life will be safer, cleaner and less cluttered.Lead image courtesy of Shutterstock. Twitter offers the least information for each app, and just a binary decision: allow or revoke. Each app is shown with the level of access to your account: read, write or sending direct messages. You can’t adjust these once you have approved the app. Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro… The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Related Posts david stromcenter_img How many apps have you allowed access to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts? The answer is probably more than you think. It took a security message from Twitter last week to spur me to investigate the situation, and what I found wasn’t pretty.Granted, I test a lot of apps as part of my work as a technology journalist, but I was shocked to discover that I had more than 100 apps that could access my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and  some 70 that could get to LinkedIn. I couldn’t even recall what many of them did, given that I probably used each one once, found out that it wasn’t up to snuff, and moved on to testing something else. But like most people, I never bothered to revoke access to my account for any of these apps.So don’t wait until your Twitter account is hacked. Take some time right now to clean things up and eliminate the apps that you no longer use or find relevant to your social networking way of life.To make it easy, here are links to the three places that will allow you to peruse your apps and alter what services they can access: Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification FacebookTwitterLinkedInOf the three, LinkedIn makes it the easiest to eliminate unknown or uninteresting apps: You just go down the list and check off the ones you want to remove from your home page and profile page, and prevent them from accessing your LinkedIn data. . There are actually two sections on the LinkedIn page: First, the actual apps that typically display something on your main LinkedIn profile page or interact with content in your profile (such as Slideshare presentations or blog posts) that appear on your profile. These have links so you can investigate them further to decide if you want to keep them. The second section covers external websites, but doesn’t offer hot links or any information about the external site, which is somewhat lacking. With Twitter and Facebook, you have to revoke access to each app one by one.Facebook actually has done some good work here (despite it reputation for selling your privacy data). For each app, it has the helpful but eventually annoying message that even if you revoke access, there is probably some residual data that is lurking on the app’s own data center that you will have to spend lots of energy to try to remove completely. Facebook also lets you edit the specific access that each app has to your account: it tells you what data the app collects from you, who has access to this information on your timeline, and when it last accessed your information. That is all very useful, but somewhat time consuming if you are really serious about revoking access. A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Auditlast_img read more

10 months agoCampos: Mourinho return ideal for Real Madrid

first_imgCampos: Mourinho return ideal for Real Madridby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer AS Monaco sports chief Luis Campos believes Jose Mourinho should return to Real Madrid.Since his sacking at Manchester United, Mourinho has been linked with Santiago Solari’s job at Real.Campos is close to Mourinho and was sorry to see his demise at Old Trafford.“I was very disappointed by what happened,” said Campos. “He would have wanted to build a great project in England. I see him as the ideal man to manage Real Madrid. He might return at some point because he is a great coach.” TagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

10 months agoMan Utd fullback Luke Shaw: Defence deserves a clean sheet

first_imgMan Utd fullback Luke Shaw: Defence deserves a clean sheetby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveManchester United fullback Luke Shaw admits there’s been frustration over their lack of clean sheets.United go to Newcastle this week.”It’s been frustrating [not to keep a clean sheet] because in the last two games we’ve defended really well, especially the two centre-backs,” Shaw told manutd.com ahead of the fixture.”I think Jonah [Phil Jones] and Victor [Lindelof] have been amazing. The defending is much better and we’ve been so close [to a clean sheet]. They’re two set-piece goals [we’ve conceded]. In open play we haven’t really been tested too much.””I think set-pieces are the only thing that have tested us so I think that’s a positive and I’m sure the clean sheet for David [De Gea] will come soon. We just need to keep doing the same things.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

10 months agoRoma chief Monchi admits interest in Genoa striker Piatek, but…

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Roma chief Monchi admits interest in Genoa striker Piatek, but…by Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveAS Roma chief Monchi admits they’re interested in Genoa striker Krzysztof Piatek.However, he says they won’t consider the Pole at his current valuation.“Piatek? It would be possible if they didn’t ask for €70m,” Monchi told Gazzetta dello Sport.“For me he’s a good player, but he plays for Genoa. Tonali’s one of the best youngsters in Italian football, but I could say the same about Barella.“[Gianluca] Mancini? Right now it’s impossible, but in the summer it’s different. Rugani? Impossible, Juventus rejected a €40m bid from Chelsea and we can’t spend so much on a central defender.” last_img read more

Virginia Tech Unveils Hokie-Stone Uniforms For “Battle At Bristol”

first_imgA generic picture of a football pylon.BLACKSBURG, VA – NOVEMBER 17: A general view of an end zone pylon during the game between the Virginia Tech Hokies and North Carolina Tar Heels at Lane Stadium on November 17, 2011 in Blacksburg, Virginia. (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)Tonight, the new Virginia Tech uniforms for the Hokies’ “Battle at Bristol” game against Tennessee were revealed.The new Virginia Tech uniforms are officially titled “Hokie Stone,” a tribute to the legendary on-campus stone structures. In addition to the heavy use of grays, the uniforms also contain a major black element. A description from one of the creators said the entire uniform “feels strong and powerful.”The Hokies teased their new uniform on Twitter and also did a full YouTube reveal. We’ve included both below.College Football’s Biggest Ever…#BattleAtBristol ??? pic.twitter.com/kQpi9dj3Ek— HokiesFB ? (@HokiesFB) August 20, 2016Virginia Tech fans, what do you think? It’s a far cry from the team’s usual maroon-and-orange look but, in our opinion, it is pretty clean and distinctive. You also have to love the nod to university tradition and the Hokie stone.Virginia Tech and Tennessee will face off in the “Battle at Bristol” at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tenn. on Sept. 10. Kickoff will be at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.last_img read more

Alberta Christian school worried school division could ban Bible verses

first_imgCAMROSE, Alta. – A Christian school southeast of Edmonton says it fears the school division is moving to censor what parts of the Bible can be taught.Several Bible verses were to be included in a handbook for students at the Cornerstone Christian Academy in Kingman, Alta.Trustees from the Battle River School Division say they believe the verses might contravene Alberta’s human rights code.School division spokeswoman Diane Hutchinson says there is an obligation to follow the provincial school act and human rights legislation.The board plans to discuss the verses at a meeting on Thursday.Deanna Margel, board chairwoman of the Cornerstone Christian Academy Society, told CHED radio the school fears the division wants to limit what Bible verses the school can teach generally.She said talks between the academy and the board have been going on for six weeks and the school already agreed to drop the verses from the handbook.Margel said the verses were part of a scriptural footnote in the school’s updated statement of faith.One reference was from 1 Corinthians that suggests neither “fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate … shall inherit the kingdom of God.”Another verse from Galations refers to adultery, fornication, uncleanness and lasciviousness.The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, an organization that gives as its mission the protection of free speech, is helping the school.President John Carpay says the school refuses to have the division dictate which parts of the Bible are acceptable.“When the board starts to try to dictate that scriptures that some people might find offensive cannot be taught in the classroom, that’s going completely contrary to the goal of diversity, which is to have schools that are actually different from each other,” Carpay said.Hutchinson said it’s possible Thursday’s discussion might be put on hold. The board might also suggest that the partnership between the Battle River School Division and Cornerstone Christian Academy be dissolved, she said.The Cornerstone Christian Academy, formerly a private school, joined the school division in 2009.Its website says it has about 160 students in kindergarten through Grade 12, who come from the communities of Camrose, Hay Lakes, Kingman, Round Hill, Ryley and Tofield and the surrounding areas.(CHED, The Canadian Press)last_img read more

Halifax police arrest Hells Angels member in significant hit to biker gang

first_imgHALIFAX – Police say they believe organizing efforts by the Hells Angels in Nova Scotia have taken a “significant hit” with the arrest of an alleged member in a drug raid.David James Bishop, 35, was arrested along with two women at a home in the Halifax suburb of Cole Harbour last Wednesday. All three now face a string of drug and firearms-related charges.“His (Bishop’s) role within the organization is significant, especially here for the London-East chapter out of Musquodoboit Harbour, N.S.,” said RCMP Cpl. Mike Kerr of the combined forces special enforcement unit in Halifax.“He comes with an outlaw motorcycle gang background and he’s got a history of drug trafficking and violence, therefore I’m quite confident that we delivered a blow to the local Hells Angels here in Nova Scotia.”Bishop — who police had previously described as having ties to the Bacchus motorcycle gang — was taken into custody and appeared in Dartmouth provincial court on Wednesday.Two women, Jacquelyne Anna Brophy, 33, and Sara Michelle Walker, 28, were released and are to appear in court Aug. 30.Police said they found a large quantity of drugs along with outlaw motorcycle gang-related paraphernalia, firearms and ammunition in the raid. Kerr said the search warrant was obtained after police investigators received information from sources.The lengthy list of charges against the trio includes trafficking in cocaine, ecstasy, and cannabis resin, and two counts of possession of a loaded restricted firearm. Bishop is also charged with two counts of possession of a firearm while prohibited.Kerr described Bishop as a “hangaround” member, which is one of the steps in becoming a full-patch member of the Hells Angels.“The whole process can take anywhere from three to five years … but for all intent and purposes he is a member of the Hells Angels.”Police have been warning over the last few years that Canada’s most notorious biker gang has been trying to reassert its influence over the Atlantic region drug trade, after the former Halifax chapter was smashed by law enforcement in 2001.The Angels have since set up a number of affiliate or so-called “puppet clubs” in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.Last year, the affiliate club in Musquodoboit Harbour outside Halifax threw a high profile “welcome home” event attended by as many as 150 bikers.Kerr said the club started off with 16 members — three from the Darksiders and 13 from the Gatekeepers clubs.“That number dwindled down to a dozen or so,” said Kerr.last_img read more