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A8 music group took a fancy to Songtaste. In 2010, A8 paid 8 million yuan in cash to acquire a 80% stake in Songtaste and was included in A8’s multi meter camp. According to A8, a former employee who requested anonymity, said, because of the moving end of the mobile terminal and the difficulty of the transformation of higher reasons, A8 in fact after the acquisition of indefinite suspension of Songtaste. All that can be seen is that in July 20, 2015, Songtaste officially announced that its music business had been shut down a week after the announcement of the issue of copyright.

"when I sleep, there are also a lot of people using Product Hunt, which makes me a little scared, because I don’t know what will happen during this period."." Said li. He was 27 years old, with a shaggy brown hair and a light voice. At the age of 12, he founded his first company, a joke cluster site, and eventually made about $10.

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I am a person who enjoys listening to music, and I like soft and slow songs, especially pure music without lyrics. At that time, songs basically go to sh419 to download, but what sh419 can find are basically pop songs or fast-paced songs, which can not satisfy my minority needs. In addition, you may like a singer, but you may not like all the songs on his album, and the search for an album is not efficient enough. < >

last year, Hoover announced the launch of Product Hunt to friends by email. In May this year, Product Hunt company was formally established, the company’s second round of financing to raise $6 million 100 thousand, the company’s value or more than 20 million U.S. dollars, nearly 20 well-known technology sector per capita is the company’s investors. However, with the arrival of new investment, the problem also arises.


Abstract there are many reasons for failure in Silicon Valley. The key is to admit it quickly and start again.

"this is the gold rush."." Software programmer’patsy · Patsy Price said Preiss. Science and technology industry is attracting people from all walks of life to join them. At Harvard Business School, the proportion of graduate students enrolled in financial services from 2006

Li Shubin still believes that the reality of the difficult profitability of the music industry blocks the normal development of Songtaste. "At that time, if there is a profit model, I can make a lot of money, I may not be able to create good music. Instead, I will manage it carefully and make it bigger."." In Lee’s view, this is the core reason for Songtaste’s fall.

, but copyright issues have been a big headache for Li Shubin. Because Songtaste uses UGC mode, users upload songs often violation problems occur, Lee has repeatedly been the law enforcement departments, please go to accept inquiries and penalties. In addition, Lee almost at the same time created another venture project "good music to buy", because the two can not take into account, coupled with the difficult realization of the music industry and other reasons, after 3 years of entrepreneurship, Li Youyi will sell Songtaste.



the global technology industry is booming, especially in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Engineers and business executives are inventing the future, whether they are open offices in the San Francisco Bay area or suburban enterprise parks. Many of them are casting billions of dollars worth of wealth. But there are still more people who end up living beyond their means.

, why is a music site with 5 million users going to die

below for the original Songtaste founder, now good music, buy founder Li Shubin dictation, by I dark horse finishing.

introduction: Songtaste music are echoed in the ears, but think how to seem more "The tune lingered in the room.".

Tencent Francisco Monday to Friday morning 5:30, Ryan · Hu Fu Ryan Hoover from the San Francisco home of the bed and began to worry. His startup Product Hunt, is now the Silicon Valley xiangbobo, founded less than a year, it has conducted two rounds of venture capital financing. Product Hunt’s Web site and iPhone apps tap into everyday users of new technology products and applications. Hoover every day at about 7:30 will send out the best products.

puts out his iPhone and opens the application to check the flow of the site. "I probably shouldn’t have checked the traffic so often," he says. He looked at his cell phone screen and said, "did you see that? It puts me under great pressure because our traffic has dropped by 10% since last week."." Currently, the Product Hunt site has more than 15 thousand access users. What kind of measures should he take if the site traffic will fall again in the coming Christmas vacation?. In theory, he knew he shouldn’t worry about it, but he couldn’t help it. Now, as capital flows in, "maintaining web traffic growth is becoming more important."."

Songtaste is a music sharing website created by Li Shubin, a serial entrepreneur in 2006. Through a large number of music lovers to upload content, recommend, as of the summer of 2009, the site has harvested 5 million users and 3 million songs.

detailed understanding of Songtaste after the acquisition of specific changes and shut down the strategic considerations of the site, I dark horse has repeatedly contacted A8 chairman Liu Xiaosong, but Liu to "no thank you" on the grounds of refusing to interview.

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