Now the pseudo original acquisition software is anything to do

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unfortunately, there are still many webmasters still rely on pseudo original way to update your website through the acquisition of content on the internet. The acquisition of the content of the practice, in the time spent on writing though much less than the original article, but this is usually collected over the article quality is not as good as the original, and the software through the pseudo original articles collected by search engine included in the process to be lower, because now the search engines are very intelligent. A "smart", is not so easy to be fooled by the pseudo original.

, a popular online called "pseudo original acquisition software" software products, is said to be able to collect the contents of the Internet, and then combined into an article. This small software has not been tested for its effectiveness, but Xiaobian that any collection of things that can not be compared with the pure artificial writing content. In the construction site, we usually have respected the original content to update the site, such as the Internet can not only bring vitality and inject positive energy, at the same time for our own website is very good. To do so, the search engine of our web page is more likely, also can give the weight of "higher, the long stick, the weight will website will have a qualitative leap, at the same time, our keywords ranking, will be very near the top.

search engine to find an article on the Internet content is identical (according to similarity search engine algorithm calculated), then the search engine will not be included in your web page, your efforts would be in vain. Through the "pseudo original acquisition software" collected content usually are relatively fragmented, neither, nor, still need artificial to organize, to modify, otherwise your article will let a person see the sea, could not find the subject, can not find the key, it must is not what you want. Besides, if your site pseudo original content more than words, the search engine will give you the website evaluation is relatively poor, it will not give your site weight high, even.

is a web site, the weights to get higher, you must often update the original content, because the content for the website is the most important capital. Recently, some small business website for Kunming were carefully observed and found a lot of content on the site is not original, but according to others’ articles rewritten, and is collected from others on the site. It can be seen from the content of the article. The original article is very difficult to find from the Internet, and the article is usually more coherent, fluent content. Through the pseudo original articles collected are not the same as the original article so fluent, the content can also be from online query. The original and non original although sometimes is not obvious, but if you can still distinguish carefully apart. If your site is in the original words, then Xiaobian have to remind you: please stop pseudo original, add some original content for your website, or your site may have the risk of being punished.

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