f you know the train you can click on the principle of malicious sun ran a smile.

source of this situation is this: a main push of the explosion models, when there is a certain sales and evaluation, will control ranking on the first page, get as much as possible flow. New faces come out overnight, naturally there will be peer locked, so malicious clicks came.

therefore, a time not to do and not such things, more energy should be spent on how to improve the click rate and the conversion rate of details. When malicious clicks businesses also don’t fear, should be delighted, because it means that the quality of key points in second days.

3, a different account to click on a keyword.

No matter what kind of

is more than the malicious click skills, Taobao train can be filtered by the system, the click cost control to a minimum. Last year when we shop in the main push of a windbreaker, then fall fashion the keyword bid is 1.2 yuan a day, the cost of nearly 2000 yuan consumption, but click on the price is only 0.8 yuan or less, the main reason is that there are many malicious click behavior, resulting in reduced click price. Because from the Taobao train current rules, the same account or IP in a certain period of time no matter how many times the click, are counted one click cost.

1, the same keywords with the same account to click, and then continue until the hand cramps.

as a train driver, in the operation of the process will inevitably encounter malicious click on this kind of thing, when many people encounter this kind of situation will confound, the only thing to do may be called the Taobao second, reflect this problem, hoping to return the deduction of click charges. Such a situation is often to see your peers, the sales of goods made up will be jealous, so they use a different account or IP desperately click, if it is encountered such a phenomenon at the end of last year, I may be more anxious, but now only a smile is good.

before listening to a specialist course, also told us a way to increase the click rate, is to ask people to click, this method is effective, and if it is a rival to click it, even the cost of human or human are saved, a short period of time can the quality of make up. After two or three days of competitors, there is no interest in what to click, this time if the quality of key points has been increased to 10, there is no need to stay at home is to stabilize the second, third page head-on, quality is the key to do not fall too fast. Therefore, because competitors jealous and malicious clicks, but to fulfill the quality improvement of keywords, so that competitors can only send a word to describe: cute.

2, with an account on a different page, click on the different keywords;

malicious clicks usually have the following several operating modes:

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