The site right down flow analysis postprocessing

second: link to buy each other, whether there is the link between A—B-C–D, if present, may be innocent judgment to stand group also said that bad.

home page weight greater than: is there some large site pages ranking, and no home page ranking? Is not the core of search words appear in the eyes of the pages, rather than home? The homepage is part of a smoke flow can not be separated, was down right home page first: the impact of brand effect second, first of all, affect the flow! We first look at the main reasons:

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: the first URL address changes, new and old page address will produce content repeat repeat.

residual dead link right down: the website is only for template to replace it, need to pay attention to what? We emphasize one point: careful modification of the URL structure. Some sites will be adjusted to the URL link in the revision, or even delete the abandoned HTML page. Such a site: modify the page less basic no problem, but if it comes to the page number, the website must be right down:

solution: A, it is best not to do URL website link changes, even made some modification to do 301 permanent directional processing. B, after the error occurs, please love Shanghai webmaster tools for chain submission.

first do not blindly delete processing, spiders and intelligent is not a short period of time will find you all buy links, we recommend:

second: delete page 404 error page there will be a lot of negative effects, in a short period of time can not solve the

home page!

fourth: the station structure properly, for example: the navigation itself, banner navigation: display page links, or cross links to content, and some lack of home page navigation URL address link.


third: advertising is improper, for example: home placed type of advertising popups or even a virus, or advertising too much influence the page loading speed, can lead to site is down right.

second: the chain of problems, for example: a lot of points to the chain home recently to be deleted or removed, and Links problems, be right down.

purchase link is down right: I do not know since when, exchange links is less and less, more and more links to buy, buy links change as it should be. Even many famous sites also shot a link driven by the interests, understand believe that many webmaster, here is not to do that. So, how to deal with the purchase link is down right after

: first check to buy Links is right down, if it is right down on the revocation of the decisive link to

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: the first page optimization excessive, for example: key word, font H1 stack, keyword density is too high, may be the optimization problem over the

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