From the development of the major search engines to push nternet site security verification

at present, in order to further rectify the situation of the Internet, the monsters and freaks of all descriptions, love dragons and fishes jumbled together, Shanghai (united in 360), Sogou search launched website security authentication service, launched the first website security verification is the 360 comprehensive search, then love Shanghai is not lonely launch site security verification, Sogou search in recent the launch site security verification. A series of measures of the major search engines, that future of the Internet disorderly atmosphere rectification, open Internet pattern is destined to have too many false, mixed and disorderly information mixed in various phishing sites, betting station, Se station full of them. In recent years, the proportion of Internet fraud has been soaring, so it is inevitable to search engine development.


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is the Sogou search search results similar to the ticket, also love Shanghai and 360 search, first give safety tips please choose a regular website to buy, and then record information given below in the website of the website. It seems the "3B war" is not the end, but now it is running out of each other, mutual learning and mutual competition. Site safety certification is the November 16th launch of the new sogou.

according to the "2012 China website credible verification industry development report" shows that as of the end of June 2012, there are 31.8% online shopping experience of users has been in the online shopping process directly encounter phishing sites or phishing sites, online shopping users reached 61 million 690 thousand in. Conservative estimates, each year due to phishing sites or phishing sites for the loss caused by Internet users not less than 30 billion 800 million.

360 comprehensive search while the time is short, but its dependence on the 360 security guards and 360 browser user groups, now has a certain market share, 360 comprehensive search first proposed site safety certification, gives 360 security prompts the user to select the formal filing website, and record information on the web site right.

several major search engines have launched a security authentication service website, but love Shanghai as a "big brother", has played the leading role, has launched a new website security monitoring, website security authentication service in their own Webmaster Platform, both for the convenience of users, also convenient for every webmaster for rectification, the move also show humanity love Shanghai.

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love Shanghai search gynecological diseases what are the symptoms of search results, there are also the record information website on the site below, the correct choice of site to remind the user, so as not to be deceived. But love in Shanghai launched the site safety certification date earlier than the Sogou search, love Shanghai as a search engine’s "big brother", but not the first proposed site safety certification, the launch of the first 360 comprehensive search.

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