PR will go up ranking will go up

1, the PR value is better than none

2, new PR is not a legend

many people are on the official website of Discuz PR 0 is concerned, last year the station PR is 8 to 7, during the landing, the updated directly is cleared, the reason and the official forum revision often have great relevance, or by virtue of its millions of included and more than 600000000 of the YAHOO chain how may PR0. Hangzhou Shanghai dragon also has a PR1 website recently revised just hit on the muzzle PR was reset.

these days for many webmaster speaking is more difficult to forget, just like the original 520 love Shanghai difficult to forget, because in today’s noble baby after a lapse of six months once again updated PR. Hangzhou Shanghai dragon to celebrate you webmaster website PR rise, of course some of them may have landed, like I have a station because the revision problem PR is cleared. In recent years, especially since last year, Google launched the beginning, from the view of our noble baby dilution caused by our webmaster PR is not too heavy, but I want to say is that there are still many webmaster want their website with high PR value. The new PR is heard from a baby engineer hand, this update, two or three months of new sites have the PR value and not expect, because of the many new sites directly from PR0 to PR3 and even to pr4. To say is a miracle, the PR updates about the author’s own views.

1, website operation is not good PR will reduce

apply the old saying, there is better than nothing. PR is good at the site under the premise, exchange Links will become very simple; but once their website PR0, included.

in addition, PR update every time can cause many owners focus on PR, but PR is in fact a noble baby evaluation specification to the weights of the website, and can not fully represent the website weight. We treat when exchanging links with PR 0 web does not need to have the other eye, love Shanghai ranking PR0 site more than PR high rankings and countless examples. Since Google PR still in the update, we should treat it, Hangzhou website optimization simply said the opinions of his own.

3, often the revision of the PR will reduce the

in the PR update, many new sites have included several new PR, I was less than three months was PR1, as 28 push BBS is indirectly increased from 0 to 6, his irreplaceable high weight chain is awesome. It is learned that Hangzhou website optimization, many sites directly to PR1, much to PR2, very few to pr3.

said here is not good website operation refers to the content of the website and the increase in the chain is not the law or the server is not stable, often can’t open phenomenon and so on. I have a website has not been updated for a long time, PR reduced to 0.

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