The content of the website page love Shanghai and Google included weight comparison

Figure two:

: a Google search results


is often the case, a lot of content pages can also get a good ranking in Google; and love Shanghai seems to have a lot of weight sites are mainly concentrated in the home page, the inside pages of the weight ratio of right home important is much lower (relative to Google), so the inside pages can be ranked very little. Of course, this is just a situation like B2B and some other platform in the page weight is very high. Personally think that Google than love Shanghai is considered more search results should be in accordance with the needs of the searcher, Shanghai is not love, but also still need to be improved in


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love Shanghai search results

Figure Now

love Shanghai included difficult is a common problem faced by many owners, often encounter bottlenecks. Compared to the next Google included a casual, as long as there is no shielding pages will be included. Of course included after the content page weight is given to a lot of traffic station to do the long tail word is very important. Today with the examples of Shanghai and Google to give love the weight of the article page included the comparison.

As shown in figure

, this is a published article on A5, compared with the love of Shanghai Google search results (many original article search results are similar). It is easy to see that Google has given more weight on the page, even if the website itself weight high does not necessarily give you ranking, more important is the source of the "". On the contrary love Shanghai more value the weight of the site itself, many website weight are concentrated in the home, most of the contributors to the A5 article ranking first is definitely A5. The site itself: a long period of time even in the blog post to A5 published the content page ranking is not necessarily, as shown in Figure two, a ranking of the blog page or home page automatically grab love Shanghai.


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