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Google Webmaster Tools "links pointing to your site" can be used as a tool for a good start on the detection of the quality of your site outside the chain. If you have a specific period of time using the Shanghai dragon competition means to obtain some words ranking, then you can download the chain data of the specific time period. Then use the chain link data, compared with the common quality problems, leading to the conclusion. Common violations of Google webmaster guidelines unnatural links: spam blog comments, automatically generated insert with optimized link posts, text ads, PageRank can enhance the incoherent links in the article, the low quality of the directory or bookmark links, are widely distributed in various sites, with a link in the footer optimization of link forum signature or forum comments etc.. In addition, you can go to the Google webmaster forum asking to get peer or expert advice and help.

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review requests for artificial punishment website, if your site is obviously due to the algorithm to update the punishment, then there is no need to submit a reconsideration request. If you are unsure of your website because update algorithm or artificial audit to punish, and you have dealt with to find the problem, then the best filed under review request.


if I think my website is updated because the algorithm leads to punishment, so I should be submitted to the audit request

How to judge the quality of the website chain I

when your website has now or in violation of the Google webmaster guidelines, and may be punished Google artificial, causing the site does not appear in Google search results (you can from the site owner or before Google Webmaster Tools mail or website that Shanghai Longfeng personnel there is a violation of the Google webmaster guidelines), so in order to make Google cancel the artificial punishment, first you should ensure that the site no longer violates Google webmaster guidelines, and then submitted to the Google review request.

if your site does not appear in the Google search results, or website ranking relatively before have decreased significantly, so we might find the website submitted to Google to review the content of the request, submit the application and try to restore, enhance the site’s ranking.

how can I clean up the garbage

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when should I submit a reconsideration request

garbage quality links, can be used as powerful means for removing or using nofollow. For those who for some reason can not be directly treated, there are still spam links, you can use the tool (Disavow Links link to "remove Tools). The use of reject link tools, recommended for those are obviously a lot of spam, and a link to the complex structure of the site, the use of "global" removed, namely the use of doma>

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