Shanghai dragon Er are you still be old ideas hold you

Shanghai dragon old ideas really so important, then the authority? The Marx doctrine teaches us to look at things with suspicion, for these old ideas and we don’t need it confused, it was led by the nose, the mainstream idea should go to redefine a new Shanghai dragon eye.

Shanghai dragon, from the introduction of foreign Chinese until now, a variety of Shanghai dragon ideas and skills but really stand practice emerge in an endless stream, there are very few. As a result, many Shanghai dragon Er are these old ideas of the nose, the result getting tired, but never get out of the alley.

second: the chain is not included are useless.

: the original old Shanghai Dragon King, still retained by now, but all the Shanghai dragon Er, the original really can get the favor of love Shanghai? I can give you a look at an example. For example, in a register on the site the author wrote an article: today, Xiaoming went to buy soy sauce, met Yuan Fang, Yuan Fang asked: how do you see? Yuan Fang said did not know, so he went to the front and bird t Jiangnan style, Xiaoming went to the hospital last registered. You can copy this article to love Shanghai yisou, ah, no duplicate content Oh, this is really an original. But do you think this article can let users can make love Shanghai good? The answer is no.. The original article is not a soul in the text, but in the original thought, creation is not the word is thought, so, Shanghai dragon Er remember, don’t complain that you write so many original or not attracted to love Shanghai and users, you need to look at their own original is a new idea, whether it is the user needs the value, if not, please don’t complain, take heart, take to create a has thought of the value of the original, write one hundred articles that original garbage is ten times better than you.


In the Chinese development for a long time

: well the first original content can be optimistic about the love of Shanghai

also cited Shanghai dragon old "chain for the king", this sentence is now obvious role in weakening, because the love of Shanghai foreign chain requirements become very strict. But Shanghai dragon er or fawn on a point of view: the chain must be included to be useful. So, whether it is to do the medical, business and entertainment Er to run to Shanghai dragon forum to send the chain, because it included the webmaster forum. However, a useful? Do people have to buy equipment you mood at the site? Love Shanghai will think is related to mechanical selling webmaster forum and your website, has the value of a vote? The answer is No. In fact, the ultimate purpose of the chain is the real drainage, a medical station as I had done before, almost all of the chain to the classified information website issued, although the number of included less, and are pure text outside the chain, do not transfer the weight, but this site as >

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