Shanghai dragon inside and outside the chain optimization on site


4, which is standing in the front of the page. Analysis of the row in front of the competitors’ keywords page, is an independent domain name or two level domain name? Is the channel page or column page? Or a separate page? If most of the content page, we can use a special page, column page and channel page to go beyond the opponent.

2, ask the people around how to search


3, go to the website to find a competitor to the

3, from the user’s point of view. With the technical aspects of the word, customers are not familiar with.

Webmaster Tools

principles: 1, not too broad. For example, the keyword "Anti Wrinkle beauty" effect is far from "Botox wrinkle" Artecoll rhytidectomy "effect

if a keyword search, the Shanghai home is full of love is the industry portal or station, the word competition is very strong, to spend big energy beyond the conversion rate is not high, because after all, is a station, high reputation, customer trust them.

, a selection of key wordsKeywords



method: 1, the industry listed all relevant keywords in

5, the number of paid advertising. The search keywords in the search engine, Google sponsors, love Shanghai promotion. Then look at the front page number of PPC promotion, for more, more intense competition.

other selection tool: Shanghai Longfeng partner,



2, the main keyword is not suitable for too long too special. For example, the company name is not as the main keywords, few people have to search your company name.

, three common >

3, see whether there is a portal page ranking, industry stand pages and love Shanghai product page.

4, and related websites. Only and site related words can bring the conversion rate.



1, the number of web pages returned by the search. The number of web search results more and more fierce competition in

2, search index. The common love of Shanghai index, the numerical reaction the keyword search frequent users, search volume is larger, the word business degree is higher, the better the effect brought by nature, this word is also the target for numerous businessman, so the competition difficulty will be greater.

two, keyword analysis

4, using search prompts

5, the search engine keyword research tool


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