Promotion forum to enhance the user registration series (three)

1, just started when I update the forum, but I only part of the update, another important need to click on the link to see. So the user will click in.

in my early update time and did not think this problem, just update the article only then end with a link. Although the industry is still in sheep and can bring a lot of users, but not enough. Later I found that I should do what the link to attract users to click on my other.

second update, industry technical articles

An article in

in the space to do my friend promotion time should be more than 1000, the beginning of my objective is to increase the space of views, and then let them enter the site through the article, this will be conducive to the website ranking.

the last time in the promotion I introduced the way I do QQ group promotion, this time I introduce my space extension method QQ. Ranking QQ space in our forum to help me attracted a lot of traffic, and through the QQ space directly add my friend said to buy sheep are many, because they think I have very cattle, very admire me.



QQ space if there is no QQ friends that is in vain, do you want to document the promotion to the group in the early time? So I added a large number of friends, their group or other groups. Probably every day can add 40 friends, if you’re different time plus one day can be added to the more than 70 friends. The sheep industry is very good by, basic of friends and 80% will pass, now my friend QQ is full.

so I updated daily articles, 3 articles a day. Three different time periods, mainly when everyone is free to update, such as around 11 noon, 3 PM 4 points 5 points in the three time periods. When I was browsing the highest volume reached more than 700 people a day in my room, and visits this lasted a long time, is behind the holiday. The update is certainly not my own writing, not copied directly. I will choose a good quality to go elsewhere for the article, and not that everywhere can see the title and article, with its own insights and technical articles or have a certain authority. Another feature is the love of the user or forwarding those very long and there are many kinds of techniques and methods that the article very much, such as the 190 formula of the 10 kinds of methods, Moumou moumou. Through this article you link to be seen. But there is one point to note your link not to take on this, you have to click. Or what is the use? QQ space link is not outside the chain, if you do not click for nothing. It is a very important point.

I decided to use

first, plus a number of industry friends

third, the link relationship with

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