Shanghai Longfeng beginners how to better learning Shanghai Dragon

two, the internal structure of the

after the basic knowledge to understand Shanghai dragon, you can get a website to practice, understand the mode of the website, have a certain purpose to do, and give yourself a goal, achieve the goal after a goal, this website can gradually develop to. Let yourself will not feel blind.

will Shanghai Longfeng people should understand that the Shanghai dragon how to learn, how to learn, and just start to feel this contact line can control the ranking, with a lot of passion and energy, but in actual operation, a long time to start confusion, ranking for what does not go up, I would right? Once lost stamina has plummeted to a final to give up.

could not go on one of Shanghai’s largest dragon is difficult, but the real reason is for your website in Shanghai dragon skills now optimization? Many people first thought is not once difficult to solve, but ask others, see the book. But please remember others beginners knowledge is always of others, only their own understanding to practice in order to digest their own. If you think this, then Shanghai Dragon technology will be a giant step forward.

Shanghai dragon inside must first make it clear what is around the word, what is the anchor text, the high quality of the chain and what is original, the text of the robot tree structure and flat structure and so on a series of benefits is the foundation must first understand, this also is in line with the basic structure of website optimization. From every detail to understand and plan, after the process of Shanghai dragon website in communicate with colleagues, the only way to progress.

as the Shanghai dragon beginners I suggest that you follow the three point:

the following points:

Every site planning

most Shanghai dragon Er beginners do not understand completely the Shanghai dragon, are asking how to improve the collection of all day, why not included, how to enhance the weight, how to get more traffic, then love Shanghai, traffic can be purchased, included can collect a large number of articles, these people completely from the bank, and finally the use of black hat means the station was K.

2, consider the site’s internal articles, do the keywords layout (mainly for the three major labels, four words). >

1, the first comprehensive diagnosis of their own website, a good grasp of every detail, the internal structure of the site planning.

The author introduces Some of the terms

, just contact Shanghai dragon when

haven’t written articles for the Shanghai dragon Er beginners, again today to write an article on the Shanghai dragon Er beginners how to learn in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon in the process of beginners know best is the hair of the chain, write original, for friends of the chain and so on the basic information, today I will not write these things, because they are too basic, is every webmaster must understand.

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