Analysis of Shanghai Dragon search engine on the website of Shanghai Longfeng evaluation standard

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search on the optimization of human nature

search engine optimization is always the most popular topic, and similar websites also emerge in an endless stream. Look at this tutorial experience every kind of overwhelming is the internet. However, the optimization of each website has a its own plan, may face a different type of optimization is also different, those things really suitable for their own? Have to say some tutorial can play a good effect, but the stationmaster, clearly recognize the reason and how much? We see not just the process and results, because from the causes of search engine for website optimization criteria. Get a clear understanding of what factors affect the site ranking, so as to maximize the optimization to please the search engine on the web.

from the current search engine ranking rules, the human search will be a mainstream development guide. Mainly reflected in: intelligent matching, and the contents of the "extent" of the judgment, and even different keywords for the search of different users in the region show the ranking will be different. The result is that the resulting users search more convenient and accurate, and the search engine server load burden. At present, Shanghai dragon stressed Er webmaster website construction focuses on the website optimization more natural, not in order to optimize and optimize, a performance is in fact to improve the website "humanization". It can be concluded from the "label, in a few years ago a lot of keywords piled up can achieve better effect, but now more tend to" transitional nature, "and we know that human search search engine will be one of the future development of the mainstream. In the optimization of the road, if still using a variety of inducible optimization will not work go soon.

have to say now the search engine to the page index judgment remains to be improved greatly, the first original, pseudo original acquisition, repetition is a big problem. Now, some owners use pseudo original acquisition can get and get some higher ranking. However, the search engine directory updates the looks of the index of judgment is more and more enhanced. So, webmaster search engine optimization, website optimization, or eat better things he had, more conducive to the long-term development of the search engine optimization, walking will be more robust. May many webmaster said, those portals.

two: reduce the search engine index pressure

before the analysis of the website of Shanghai dragon we first look at the development of search engine, which can be more clear understanding of the direction of development: human search (Natural Language Processing capacity), enhanced index judgment and evaluation website user experience, two were considered to be a basic development route of search engine. We can see that if the site optimization along this potential is inevitable for the popular object search engine, then what are the optimization decision of the development of elements above, webmaster can do how to start the search engine optimization is more suitable for the development of rules?

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