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is not surprising, the pomegranate algorithm, love sea aims to create high quality page to the user, the user’s point of view who do not wish to see your website open up a lot of ads. Imagine, you enter a website, but there are many open pop-up windows, and kept in the jump, when you click close, actually jump to the advertising page, it is disrespectful to the user, with a bad word, is bullying

May 17th, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform issued a Shanghai dragon world for small messages, new algorithm for updating algorithm – pomegranate. This algorithm was released, caused no small stir in our department, who lives in Shanghai Longfeng pop ads, also ended the way.

Xiao Bian here would like to say is, do not Shanghai dragon bullying, but in earnest, love Shanghai each release some algorithms change, and enhance the algorithm when the stationmaster notices, every webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER are frightened, for fear of accidentally entered by cheating or cheating ranks. If we can do stand in earnest, rather than always add some love hate things in Shanghai, the end of the search engine will not It is without rhyme or reason. you stand. For the pomegranate algorithm, we can do the following strategies, here are some small personal views:


4, don’t need no value directly deleted, so as not to affect the browsing spider judgment and the comfort of the user;

Keep clean, complete

pomegranate algorithm, it will end the era of pop ads, all websites with pop-up ads, confusing page ads will become the love of Shanghai’s "ghost", at the same time, the low quality of the page will also become the inevitable result of the end of 2013 Shanghai dragon.

algorithm on pomegranate published content, love Shanghai gives the following explanation: as shown in figure

3, to create original content, the original is the best way to enhance the value of the

! In fact, page;

is more than four points, Xiao Bian personally think pomegranate algorithm should do to deal with, some experts believe that the small practice relatively shallow >

1 web pages, pop ads are blocked, or direct removal;

2, do not do meaningless things confuse the content of the page, for example, with main content not associated with the website in the

series, too much pop website to medical websites and novel sites are. Xiaobian before a medical station had a network of editors, Xiao Bian found that almost every website has pop ads, seriously affect the page opening speed, but also affect the user browsing. Xiao Bian was also with the leadership reaction, but at that time the status of small ah, we all know

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