Do the three most important aspects of Shanghai Dragon time, mentality and strategy

Many webmaster do

: you mentioned above and the mentality of the accumulation of Shanghai dragon needs time, so naturally need a good mentality. In Shanghai dragon industry, two words most often heard is patience and execution. Two are very important, I personally think that mentality is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the long time mentality, two is the fluctuation of mentality. Long time mentality is the need to adhere to in order to see the effect, the search engine for the work we do not see, did not give good rankings but not to weight or accumulated enough time. Mentality fluctuate mentality is usually included for web site keywords and changes caused by, as we all know, the keyword of the website will often fluctuate, sometimes included is not stable, but sometimes this is not our own reason. The search engine itself is similar to a giant machine in advance, can not be perfect, so a temporary volatility is normal. But for some novice webmaster, found the site fluctuation is not worried about your wrongdoing, even immediately modify their own website. These are not desirable, even if our website showed some anomalies, do not modify, but quietly observe, wait at least a week or so, because the search engine every week there will be a small update.

strategies on the final, but is not the most important. Everyone says Shanghai.

features a thing will often determine his advantages and disadvantages. Shanghai dragon is very powerful, but is not suitable for all Internet companies, such as many large shopping mall and e-commerce sites, but many consider Shanghai Longfeng, they are focusing on brand promotion. But for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual stationmaster, Shanghai dragon is very necessary. Well, said so much, to today’s text, respectively from the three aspects of time, mentality and strategy.

Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon by marketing its website is our goal of every person. Many webmaster do good, is the object of our study, I also have contact Shanghai dragon for a very long time, generally speaking, Shanghai dragon also let oneself gain a lot, so the main content is to do a good job today and share the three most important aspects of Shanghai Dragon: time, mentality and strategy.

time: Shanghai dragon is not a short duration of time things, because many of them are the details of the work at the same time, the Internet data is huge, search engines crawl the web and give the rank requires a certain period. We do external links, Links, update the article, the usual work is a large part of the search engine to do, but do not see the effect immediately after, take some time. In addition, the target weight of the web site keywords to get good rankings website also needs continuous accumulation and accumulation by the weight factor is numerous, can not be three or two days or ten days and a half months can. Therefore, to sum up, Shanghai dragon challenge is not our technology and practice, is the accumulation of time. Time itself is one of the most important factors in Shanghai dragon.

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