The reliability of love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng recommendations and purpose

should be the second half of this year, Shanghai love alliance and statistics background began that launched its own advice website of Shanghai Longfeng function, I was certainly eager, but at that time, this function is to invite the need to apply by e-mail or by integral change like ah, I am a lazy, this kind of trouble natural things are not going to do, because although the love of Shanghai official stuff, it analyzes whether or not on my website what impact will not. Yesterday evening, Shanghai statistics show a love login website traffic when prompted: those who use statistical tools and love Shanghai has the PV value of the site can use the function of Shanghai Longfeng suggestions. Well, free lunch, then try to. So I gave myself a website to do the analysis.

from the two pictures above the text view, often deal with Shanghai Longfeng children will feel strange, because although these are the effects of a web search engine friendly degree factor, but is not the main factor. Because of the so-called "content is king, the chain for emperor", these did not reflect. For example, a web page title may be a very important factor, this tool also did not give up. Why.

analysis suggests that Shanghai is love, love of Shanghai official website that Shanghai dragon is composed of two standards, respectively is URL and the content of the page. The URL includes URL length and static page parameters; page content including Meta information perfect degree, picture Alt information, Frame information, Flash text information etc.. URL in length, Shanghai love gives the suggestion is the longest length of not more than 255byte, it is simple to say, your web site is not too long, just say your home domain is not too long, but you ZhengZhan access to web sites, including the bottom of the page that has the longest access addresses are not more than 255byte; the static page parameters, Shanghai love the hints given is: using dynamic parameters in the static page, will cause the spider repeatedly and repeated grab. For example, such as some website construction based on the discuz, if you have done the pseudo static, then published a post there is actually two URLs, and dynamic URLs and static URLs can be retrieved with the love of Shanghai, which appeared on the same page is love Shanghai grasping the two case that is not good. On the perfection of Meta information, Shanghai love advice is probably, in order to let the spider more easily recognize each page what is best, for each page of the website plus description and keywords. The next picture ALT information, frame information and flash text information is actually a truth, because these things love Shanghai spiders will crawl difficulties, such as a picture or a flash spider that is not known, so it is necessary to have the words to explain them. Frame is the embedded call elsewhere, spiders do not see what.

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