Love Shanghai cancel the chain, the chain will continue to work

mentioned here love Shanghai and high quality of the chain, the love of Shanghai did not give a specific explanation, in the end is what kind of the chain, the chain end is generated in the platform, the role of the chain is the target site’s ranking, not just, that is to optimize personnel rank their own standards, but this success is a bit one-sided, optimize their success, not only is the target site ranking success, but you help your company improve the performance to be successful, the boss please optimization personnel is to hope that their products can go out more sales, how their products can sell the most, to improve the product the exposure rate is necessary, the only way to let more people know, to have the chance to clinch a deal.

improve the exposure rate in the form of diversity, their own business station, third party websites can be, whether it is a success, may improve performance, Guan Jian fell in love with the sea search all sorts of people, is to search the answer to solve their own problems, successfully solved the problem and find the answer you want, users will think this trip journey to search good, also love Shanghai good, this outcome, can be said to be a win-win outcome, which is the most consistent with the expectations of the love of Shanghai, where many people think the quality estimation of important chain may be high the weight of the platform links, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, some high weight platform is really important, not necessarily believe, do optimization have such experience, search Guan Jian’s words have been found, given the enterprise stand ranking is not very ideal, don’t say the long tail, is some core, high index words, often third party websites, such as classified information network, micro-blog, B2B platform, and some Shanghai love their products, giving the enterprise station then the one or two position, for example our industry a Guan Jian UV printer,


home page, to the enterprise station with only one other love Shanghai products accounted for six, B2B accounted for three. Love >

Ten snapshot location



love Shanghai July 3rd announcement, discussion on the chain should not continue to have some people say that easily can be heard without end, and bid farewell to the chain work hard to force the focus from some transfer to the station, as long as you can do well in the station optimization, but also some people love Shanghai, also part of the quality of trust key chain, the chain of work is to continue, but the way to adjust, only after some outside the chain of high quality is important, don’t like before. The wide net.

love Shanghai index 221, have been regarded as a medium difficulty Guan Jian words, want to get Guan Jian such words on the front page, is believed to be a lot of effort, but we look at the Guan Jian word rankings show, limited space, only grasping parts, yourself to search the full range of

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