How to use the PHP error as a method of link.

many webmaster Shanghai dragon is not a professional programmer, they always think that access to PHP ‘problems need to be solved and programmers, not so difficult as you imagine, here, I try to write a wrong information for a PHP webmaster friends with the brief explanation of the.

1, using search engines to find fault site

, to understand the PHP file above the author believes that even if Shanghai Longfeng webmaster is not professional programmers, when the same tender, I can still check out these common PHP error message list, find the problem solving, find the root of the problem, so that we can really solve your problems. The PHP error we can get some more effective links.

may use an ordinary user, it pay attention to other websites on the Internet, and with a well structured and organized way, to find these problems, and in considering how to do this thing at the same time, the author also noted that when we visit a website the PHP error occurred from the previous test, we know that all requests on the site regardless of its value is much, it is valuable, so for the PHP control, you’d better make a page, or try a more subtle way to show them your message.

fatal error: call to undefined function TweetMeme (/home/content/40/8396940/html/blog/wp-content/themes/magilas/single)

on the website shortly before I read some articles about "broken link building", when I realized that there may be a way to make this mistake station into a new kind of optimization methods, so I started a new test and the possibility of detecting.


贵族宝贝thebaidu: the original article by Shanghai dragon.Cn/new>

Here is the way

strict criteria: non static method DB:: (C) the connection should not be in the static call: wwwAmautaPHPdosmanosperu connection twenty-eighth.

if a PHP command or function is not implemented in the street for correct page load, the PHP engine will throw an error notification page, they sometimes can not be displayed, but if the owners choose not to display in the browser settings in the PHP options, in the notice of several types, they are unified, which makes it so that we can find them in Google. Let’s take a look at several typical examples:

2, PHP cognitive

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