Shanghai dragon Er how to do the analysis of novice competitors

fifth, the website of the chain

fourth, website content

Study on

, the first web application check

Analysis of

for the novice Shanghai dragon Er, get a website can not optimize the blind, we need to know the information of competitors, the optimization for the future play an important role. Based on the analysis of competitor’s website, can learn from their successful model, so that we can avoid weaknesses, build innovation mode of their own, so do the analysis of competitors need to be studied from the following aspects:


content analysis of competitors website, how to do, high quality original content, how to update the frequency of every day, about what time update. At the same time to analyze the competition website content have around the keywords to organization, this is a more important part of search engine optimization. We can according to the competition website content, to the site updated, reflecting their own advantages of web.

need to understand their own website program is PHP or ASP, but also understand the competitors hand website code, check whether the code is simple, there is no follow W3C standard.

is currently the most common site promotion means is Shanghai dragon and PPC, so when the Shanghai dragon Er using Shanghai Dragon technology to promote the site, not with other web competition, if popular keywords, the competition pressure is bigger. Then you need to analyze the competitor’s information, so for the novice Shanghai dragon Er speaking, how to make the competitor analysis

second, the web site structure

The number of

mainly depends on the number of the chain, and then to.

Analysis of

if you want a keyword do the home page, still need to know how much of the word competitiveness, we can put the keyword search in the search bar in Shanghai love, see how much more data, the relevant data, to prove its key competitiveness is higher. After this step, we will analyze competitors’ keywords layout, including Title, Keywords, Description writing, keyword density and the position of key words.

structure is in line with the basic conditions of Shanghai dragon, analysis of the layout of the page, column layout, content page layout, to analyze the competitor’s website architecture, two columns, page design, website internal structure, including the directory structure, URL settings, use H1, H2, strong tags, internal links structure. They understand the specific optimization which, what are the disadvantages? What is the distribution of keywords, mainly related to the keyword title, keywords in the text position, salience, frequency etc..

, the third key words

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