Shanghai Longfeng District Electric feudal lords vying for the throne who contest

business ranking changes every day, don’t let the beliefs affect their. There is no ranking how? There is a saying "you pay one hundred percent of the effort, will not necessarily get one hundred percent return, but if not to pay even one percent are not likely to get." Faith, want to try to get, unswervingly go when the biggest driving force.

electric business circle game: with April 1st kicked off, the contestants more into each day, ranking in the large floating change. Here, we can see what


recent hot business circle of Shanghai Longfeng contest let the first business of a fire, many Shanghai dragon Er to Bo "superior", he fell in love with the sea play exhaust all the skills of a field battle. What in this field of battle in the who? See analysis:

even aside from the business circle game, success is a website external links. To some extent, the more the number of external links, the better the quality, search engine to give the weight is high, the webmaster exchange links in the basic. Similar to the electric business circle, also can be said to be a "network" of the competition, the number of participants through the circle of friends of a large number of exchange links?


three: the chain increased the weight of

in the business circle in the competition, can be said that most of the participants are experts in Shanghai dragon, but the final success or failure, who decides? What to do is "excellence". Fine, not only reflected in a Shanghai dragon Er to do is the website chain or the content or structure optimization, but also in a whole. Overall coordination is undoubtedly the most conducive to the development of the theory of search engine ranking rules, the overall coordination of the high site, achieve excellence effect, high ranking is inevitable. Looking at the business place at the same time, the webmaster what meditation

Shanghai Longfeng District ?

conclusion: the business circle we see is not just a game, it is the use of a model and the idea of the. In this paper, the binary network original writing: 贵族宝贝07695贵族宝贝. The first time of A5.

four: faith is the biggest driving force of


both participate in the competition, or the optimization of the webmaster every day to do, have a common characteristic: More haste, less speed., website construction plays an important role in every step of the. For example: small to a keyword in the label ranking order are likely to affect the overall ranking of the website, the website can be extended to the structure, and the external links quantity and quality. So, to set up a website for the inevitable result is a foundation of "instability", are the potential factors of the development of the overall impact of the site, and the subsequent improvement, as a place.

: a More haste, less speed.

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