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: do Shanghai Longfeng webmaster friends, meet site suddenly occurs when the number change, the first to see the people within the industry website ranking, then the new algorithm for search engines to look at their website is reasoning, or search engine problems, then try to solve.

: if the webmaster friends want to do website, first for the site to lay a solid foundation. Not for short-term rankings and to cheat, this is the The loss outweighs the gain.

recommends: spare one or two hours a day to see the latest search engine, learning new knowledge. Just stick to it, I believe you will become a master of the Shanghai dragon.

four, understand their own website

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whether it is a person or company, based at the beginning must lay a good website, can not be sloppy. I have seen a lot of people do is very impetuous, in the beginning they want to achieve the effect of website. To improve the ranking by some illegal means to obtain income. This way does not conform to the long-term development of the site, the beginning may have some effect, but the long term will make the website search engine K off.

each search engine algorithm updates, always see some people complain. They are complaining that it means the escape. Some can not change the fact that you did not escape, only to find ways to solve is the key. I also encountered such problems, but I can’t escape, I will do everything to find the solution. For a long time, you will also discover the mystery. Master is how to become a master? Is not through continuous learning experience, finally gradually become the master.

search engine algorithm is constantly updated, as the Shanghai dragon, must continue to learn this knowledge, always know the search engine changes, the new algorithm research. Many people do Shanghai dragon are a dead end, himself not to learn, that the search engine has been not changed, always use some of the outdated Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques to operate the web site last website not by K is not to rank. Experience never before predecessors have been good, do not stop learning is the key.

, lay a good foundation for

two, Shanghai dragon

since the development of Internet has a countless number of sites because of improper operation and shut down. In the process of construction site, appeared a lot of problems, some managers because of lax management, resulting in the site was hacked off by. There is also the managers for the lack of experience to finally close the site. Some due to earn money, no visitors choose to shut down. There are a variety of reasons, the author to share with you today, website operation which requires strategy:

three, don’t run away from a problem of

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