The search engine is changing, but some things never change

reverse link is indeed in a certain extent can bring some traffic to the site, but also can enhance the optimization effect. But I want to say is not the reverse link >

, little fish for some personal opinions of their own, talk about what we do for the optimization, all along is right:

The following

to create valuable content should be starting from the user, we do "email marketing platform" service customers are mostly electricity supplier industry. They are concerned about this piece of email marketing, concern more about the solution, email marketing, email marketing, email marketing and integrated marketing with excellent design, module how to e-mail marketing how data feedback, email marketing how to user segmentation, etc. a series of problems. This time we need according to customer concerns, to create valuable information for users to resolve doubts in their minds, the best through some examples show the effect of this to them.

we found a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is still doing "the station outside the station for the emperor king," keyword ranking, maybe this method in a short period of time from the quasi search ranking will be achieved certain results, but we will also find that each search algorithm update, this kind of website is the fluctuation relatively large. The search engine is changing, but the same is the search engine to a website to consider more factors ranking. Search optimization, optimization of community or social network optimization and so on overall optimization of search engine marketing is more important, so we should pay more attention to the overall marketing, rather than search optimization.

the past two years, our webmaster most frequently updated search engine "". Whether it is the panda algorithm to love Shanghai, the original plan or Mars Scindapsus algorithm noble baby, nofflow. Each change are pulling our thoughts, every time there are a lot of people to toss, a summary, a lot of changes. In fact, if we really change a good summary of each search engine, we can find that the search engine in the change, but some things never change". As long as we do the same thing, no matter how search changes, our website optimization will achieve good results.

1, pay more attention to the overall marketing, rather than search optimization

2, create valuable content

3, the reverse link is not everything, but should serve the readers of

is always the same website optimization core, but meaningful content is more than the original line, meaningful content should be able to create value for customers. For example, small fish now optimization is a "marketing" of the enterprise website, if users enter our website only see we introduce some products and services, the website will have more users attention, also do not talk about what is valuable content.

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