The image of love to create Shanghai Encyclopedia


long fast encyclopedia brand publicity

love Shanghai encyclopedia is a gold mine, filled with a variety of value. For example, the high quality of the chain, and create a stable source of traffic image, where the author tells the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love with the image to create problems.

encyclopedia views undoubtedly belongs to the long-term growth of this form, for our webmaster, especially for enterprise promotion station webmaster, Encyclopedia of the corporate image building, publicity is more than advertising more affordable, and long-term. This paper consists of 贵族宝贝 finishing editing, reproduced please keep the source.


most professional entries will have at least one above them, the author and the surrounding friends agree that one of the more famous enterprise or a celebrity, he will at least have a professional Wikipedia entry. So do a professional Wikipedia entry is very necessary.



we know the Internet transmission speed is very fast, but traffic is very terrible. If we do is the corporate image, 100 people have 1 people can remember our enterprise LOGO, we reached the effect of branding. We look at our common entry Views:

We know that

, a user habits detailed information from Wikipedia on

for us right now, an unknown thing, we are accustomed to using search engines, and often love Shanghai encyclopedia ranked very front, and very detailed. We generally think that a professional Wikipedia entries, can create a professional image. The search a large number of enterprises, celebrities, will find that their encyclopedia doing everything by a professional like Wikipedia entry will be able to understand a product, a company or a celebrity. For example, following a star of entry is very detailed:

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