The website ranking is not the ultimate purpose of marketing attention of visitors is king

site development stage of

website: comfortable web browsing is what we need, in the page should also be the most interested users. Therefore, the website structure suits the needs of the user’s habits. Of course, all the links are also on the search spider has a guiding role, let it quickly climbed over every corner of the site.

can enhance the site’s ranking is Shanghai dragon, can also be PPC. Shanghai Longfeng operation if there is a pattern, need to pay attention to the following aspects:

just started SEM, we need to do some preparatory work, such as the positioning of the site, you should be aware of, this is the premise. In addition, the selection of key words is to prepare the content.



SEM on the need to reach a clear and strong implementation plan, the planning oriented, analysis and judgment in the process of network marketing, choose suitable products and brand promotion marketing strategy. I will from the following three aspects:

first, clear positioning of the website. The site is what to sell products, establish what brand. This position is clear, we can use the website promotion we want to achieve the business purpose.

where to start?The ultimate goal of

then select the target keywords. Because the site is for customer service, so do the website needs to pay more attention to the user experience. SEM should be oriented to the needs of users, as far as possible the use of user keyword search site. In particular, we love high heat, popular words, but other sites use keywords. Of course, such words are often hard to find, so must enhance the keywords ranking, web site has more advantages. In addition, we also need to investigate the same type of website, and see what they will take the keyword strategy.

The structure of

website content: pages must ensure the quality, is valuable, in order to meet the needs of users, allowing users to continue to pay attention to the website instead of a web page into the left. Therefore, the introduction of the website and user >

is important? to search engine Optimization of

often talk about Shanghai Longfeng, do website promotion indeed, Shanghai dragon can improve the site’s ranking, can increase the site visits, can also sell products website. But some people may have this idea, Shanghai dragon can achieve the effect of SEM, then the Shanghai dragon can replace SEM? The answer is no.. SEM marketing means many optimization techniques not only rely on the search engine ranking algorithm derived, can also be paid for site optimization, can also be through the network information coverage of brand promotion, to guide the user to choose. But SEM is one kind of marketing mode, it is based on low input, high return marketing concept, it is difficult to achieve the pure Shanghai dragon.


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