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Love is not below the

is not a novice webmaster or veteran webmaster, in this website enter the sandbox no quick solution, only patience update patient, little more than a month, an average of two months, more than three or four months, the search engine will let the website regain ranking. So, enter the sandbox for the new station old station are suffering.

now many novice webmaster do not know how to do the chain, the chain is thought to the forum post, because the post can take signature, is in front of the chain. In fact, this understanding is not much wrong, but it is worth noting that now the forum signature effect as before, there is a novice often do not know the number of control post, post replies every day hundreds of times.


network or how to share the simple precautions to avoid site into the sandbox, hoped to enlighten novice webmaster; of course, this paper mainly affect the share of the chain, the other will not discuss.

if you often query the site outside the chain, you will find the chain many websites have the query results page, simply is to query the website of a web site, this will add a chain to a web site. A few people make intelligent query tool, including thousands of query site, can turn into these website you enter the site, so that we can quickly increase hundreds or even thousands of the chain for this web site. This increases the chain effect is, for the new station is possible because a crowning calamity, so enter the search query.

two, don’t crush the chain query tool to increase the chain

now there are many online novice webmaster to love and love chat and discussion forum signature text is good or bad, many webmaster to be crazy in irrigation after half a month found website ranking surprisingly well, the original is unknown to the public, now suddenly appeared on the second page or home page, ranking to half a week after disappeared without trace. Many beginners do not know why this is, in fact, this is the so-called search engine sandbox.

search engine on the sandbox is no clear explanation, can be interpreted as the search engine for site investigation, the site is placed in a no place; it can be interpreted as a search engine for the punishment of the website removed the website ranking, the site closed in no place. No matter how understanding into the search engine’s performance is the same, so is the site will still be included, there will still be a snapshot, just no ranking.

, not superstition forum signature chain of Shanghai dragon

even if it is only half of the post was collected, then the same will increase dozens of the chain, the chain that also does not cause the attention of search engines? Another is to buy some BBS signature card, users have to send every day outside the chain, so every day will increase outside the chain of the same place, the same will allow search engines to find suspicious, which may put in the sandbox.

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