The website evaluation standard of excellent search engine can not do


in the mobile Internet "reign of terror" in the feudal lords vying for the throne, love, Shanghai seemed suddenly silent, after WeChat easecredit, between the Internet and traditional upstart co operators and tangled, the electricity supplier bigwigs caught fighting, search engines started to love Shanghai, like a straight without proper way to enter the field, because a a APP software system, just click on the search without bypassing the search engine can enter, not the same as the pattern of the mobile Internet, search engine model, Shanghai may not love what needs to be done, just play "Baidu" status, answering all the questions is enough! "

if a site for more than ten years will adhere to the operation? Of course in Shanghai Longfeng optimization means business website, no matter how the outside world has been changed, persist, perhaps, eventually websites rely on search engines is not very strong, Shanghai, the highest realm is the heart of Shanghai dragon, if your own website as a children’s life, the earliest phase, need some foreign power assist it, such as search engine traffic, such as Shanghai Longfeng way to get traffic, for instance with the payment means to promote rapid and let more people know, but the ultimate goal of these efforts is the site, can put down some external forces after that, he can walk. This is also an excellent website evaluation criteria, even if the search engine is down right, there are still users in, in a word, the search engine can’t touch me!

recent rumors have mainly through Google access to customer resources with Amazon, Amazon’s strong rise, this situation is changing. Many data show that Amazon is to replace Google as the first user of the online shopping entrance. Study on the mechanism of Forrester in 2009 has done a survey, the results show that 1/4 consumers will Google as the first entrance to their own shopping, and the choice of the Amazon is only 18%. But in 2011, the research about the 1/3 structure completely overturned, consumers will start Amazon as the first online shopping entrance, and the choice of Google is only 13%. A study of ComScore2012’s report also showed that the direct product of Amazon’s search volume in 2011 rose by 73%, while Google has almost no change in what.

YAHOO to abandon Chinese market, end a lot of people due to the cooperative relations between YAHOO and Alibaba group, combining e-commerce website and search engine, there will be a close, and the site is more vulnerable, rely on search engines more strong, until the net station with enough power, more the user through the search engine and directly click on the site can access, search engine becomes more and more weak, when the site has enough user base, and the establishment of a powerful search system in the station, when the O2O mode has been set, like Ali group and YAHOO cooperation, basically close to the end, because any business cooperation is in the common interests of the cooperation, lost interest, breaking up is a matter of

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