The hidden contents of influence keywords ranking and how to choose the optimization of Shanghai dra

This interactive page classification

search engine in addition to personal bias, the content is also a bias. There are several special content search engine welcome (mainly because of these types of content and improve the user experience of:

) The

good interactive page


hidden content search engine will be reduced

certainly can not jump from the current page, but by Javascript or similar technologies to provide interactive, such as mortgage calculation tools, calendar of events, embed videos etc.. Above content to the user experience will be positive, such as to increase the residence time.

classification is a collection of articles or goods. To search the user to the classification of the landing page, because the classification of topics and keywords, search users have more chance to find to find something from the classification of concentration, so the search engine for classification was higher than that of the individual in a single article is justified. Bing search engine special value classification of the landing page.

Shanghai dragon hidden content is used to explain the problem of Shanghai dragon optimization two argument. With the rise of content marketing, some in Shanghai Longfeng optimization stressed content is greater than all. As long as the good content, natural high search keywords ranking. The content push search ranking faction called Content Shanghai Longfeng, related to the technical operation of a school called Technical Shanghai Longfeng. Techical Shanghai dragon is actually adjusting the structure of the website, through the understanding of search engine principle of web content, speed, mobile devices, user experience, security and so on to enhance the search ranking. There is no conflict, but sometimes difficult. Shanghai dragon hidden content is on the user experience.

but the content is hidden, through Javascript interaction can display, hidden.

Keywords Cloaking

especially when the blog content has enough length but also can attract the audience. If the blog articles for a long time will soon be Dickinson (Republish, re released concept) search engine is more important, reason is that the search engine will assume that every change will make the content better, so it’s worth a higher ranking. Change the release date will lead to a search engine (Query Deserve Freshness) love.


recently a web client asks: how some hidden content is only search engine to see not seen by the user. The customer must have been bad in Shanghai dragon company misleading, still indulge in some ten years ago out of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method. This method is called a key Keyword Cloaking, search engine has been blocked and at any time may cause punishment. Absolutely should be avoided.

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