Ali mother bullied the webmasterMadman! About how garbage sites make money

I am a small station, the monthly income is not much, but enough pocket, from the beginning of the 05 year I was in figure wangdage stationmaster net learning, that time is just starting soon, the entire site is blue style is very simple, the content is only the information, see now really good admire figure king!! popular step by step

written in the sad night, once when Ali mother called for the small station job, then this is Ma irrigation God as the concept of alliance we also need the webmaster, I registered the Ali Mama for one year, they also received a message sent over the years long ago!! but I also should through the end of the income of the mom!

! together! !In fact, a lot of people in the !

have previously said Ali Mama, I don’t believe it, because I did a year, I believe that their own propaganda and pay, Ma Yun such a big figure is not fooled us the grassroots, I was wrong, now only a deceptive money mom, and a statistical system well, a data increase occurs immediately K, see it reduced to K survival, seems not much time to

      just do it, because to garbage sites I belong to * * * relatively late, so the Internet has a lot of other people could write reference. A careful study of a period of time after I began to practice. The first step is to choose what tool to make the dumpster, such tools are generally called collection tools for the site, there are many online. But look at are not too happy with the chance to see someone selling a "SEO generation tool" is through the keywords from the Internet automatically crawl the content to generate the website in the online program, then I contacted the person. He showed me the traffic statistics he used this system to do website use the statistics system of 51LA is said to be 270 garbage station, the flow of the day is almost 200 thousand independent IP. This flow is to have what problem, then I put out if I can look at these 270 stations are what station, I immediately buy his software when the price of 1200 yuan. This was not done, he just gave me a few demonstration sites, other sites are not to see. I think it must have what.

      the word of garbage, there are a lot of people a contemptuous disregard. Think not in good taste, yes if you can do a regular station dignified and imposing money of course is the best. But! Not everyone can have the energy to have the ability and have the opportunity to make a formal website good and earn money. Most people are thinking about what is the fast track the project can immediately make money, this is perhaps the most webmaster mentality. Or do many regular site but there is no profit in Guao stationmaster, also hope to use other methods quickly point out the RMB, even income to support their own website on it. So this thing is rubbish station operation and health movie station in order to improve my income, my fierce propaganda, various methods have small, two days IP from the beginning of 1000 to the current 3000IP, the Ali Mama advertising click accounts a lot more, but today the staff can say that there are abnormal data sites in the growth period! Not leap ah! Just a day of data to life and death, it is too

      this is the second article I wrote on Admin5, these days a little lazy. But I still want to write it, perhaps to the webmaster can have a little help.


      to tell the truth, in my opinion, as long as the money thing is the good stuff, what he don’t waste garbage. So I’ve been doing recently after the demise of SP station this. In the last few months also summed up the experience to speak out and share with you. After the demise of SP has been considered China Internet what a good opportunity, looking really damn it is not easy to find. The flow is less valuable, IP high value commercial website and not so much time and effort. To see a lot of people are engaged in garbage station but also can make money, I want to do network experience to me to profit should be no problem what. The beginning is holding a try to come in, look at this thing in the end how many potential can be dug out.

now talk about myself, I have no too much effort to maintain and promote their own station, I love to watch the movie website built for a year, during the stop and go, there is a sh419 dialed hair!!! But I have always maintained the consistent information and updates, and finally collected by sh419. Until recently, the economy wasn’t good enough, and the expenses came again, so I wanted to make more money at the station. Don’t use my regular money! I actually have a budget every month, haha, ·, ·, ·,

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