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in the past, when we invested in the project, in addition to a detailed understanding of each "dream" origin, I will pay more attention to its business logic and feasibility. We respect every dream, but we value it more. This kind of reason sometimes does not how happy, but I think for investors, let entrepreneurs drink ten thousand pot chicken soup is not as good as a "responsible."". On the one hand, entrepreneurs should be responsible to investors; on the other hand, investors should be responsible for LP, and the key to these "responsible" businesses are the essence of business.

fourth original or pseudo original article

is good for some Taobao users who don’t have a program template or an article module in the template, so it’s time to make good use of it. In the article column, remember to put some articles about collocation, or put some articles about the authenticity of clothes and shoes, so that users are reading your articles

for example, when you enter a Taobao customer site, saw a lot of women’s shoes such goods, but suddenly see below a row of men’s leather shoes, which will bring you what kind of feeling? Miscellaneous! In Taobao guest page, the goods do not look very complex, so what no mood look down.

first point, good server

this is very important, good server determines the access speed and fluency of the website. Here is the first to a transposition thinking, such as I am an ordinary consumer, click on the site into the web page after half a day are not open, so I have more than 80% chance will directly close the page, and then click into the page, if not open, then I just closed, do not enter the. Too many users, "the slow, probably even the home does not look to close the page, you may see yourself in the flow of the day, will find that the flow is relatively high, but to understand that these flows in many even home haven’t seen.

page settings must be beautiful, of course, do not want you to get a lot of FLASH these, but these will affect your site after the collection. It is good practice to make the page carefully layout, including navigation and these will seriously do rankings, is neat and easy, of course, on the premise of you can add some style to your site, such as warmth, such as retro.

truth is often like this: a can not see the profits of the project hope, and then the feelings of investors will not vote. A large number of projects in the early days of money can be "burn", because we can see a greater profit and return later. Whether you "flow", for having heard it many times or entrepreneurs with "entrance", whether it is to attend various activities of the PR, or rapid iteration, we must not forget, what is the ultimate aim of the ultimate goal, along the way a lot of choices will do much good. We often see a lot of entrepreneurs halfway, completely squandering charming eyes, gradually ignored the direction to go. No rhythm and goals to do the market, blindly flow, or is immersed in the existing achievements, but also dare not change. These are the manifestations of forgetting the nature of business. When you keep in mind the nature of business, you’re as steady as our last generation of entrepreneurs

second points, beautiful page

as an investor, I have been reminding myself that as far as possible do not intervene too much after the project, regardless of what entrepreneurs are thinking and action, for the direction of success, all roads are through. But one thing I must remind them of is: never forget the nature of business.

page appearance is very important, some Taobao off the page even he can not bear to see, when the user see this page when there is no mood to buy? In one second off your website has been lucky.

business? It’s simple, as Milton Freedman, a contemporary economist, puts it: "the very essence of business is profit.". I know this cruel, no sexy word will scare a lot of emotional entrepreneurs, but that’s the first lesson that entrepreneurs need to learn. Even if the business is wrapped again sexy, we also want to realize that it is a bone of business, like doing business to treat your business projects, the project will be able to get vitality.

we see too much out of thin air, made a lot of entrepreneurs to deviate from the commercial nature of things, and the trend in front of the tides, the last departure from business at the beginning of the heart; we also see too many entrepreneurs start carrying a full of feelings, encounter a commercial torture immediately Yang boat; we also see a lot of Founder immersed in their own past experience and mode of thinking, opening and closing are their own professional importance first; some founder, simply indulge in their "hard" in the circle of friends in various activities and meetings in the daytime the evening sun, totally do not know their focus where is the.

do Taobao guest website has a big limit, because the profit model is to buy the goods after users can get commission, so you can’t rely on flow these to obtain income. In this case, increase the user’s stay in the web page, greatly increase the user’s purchase probability, here to talk about how to do to increase the user’s stay in the page time.

here to talk about me, because I in this season are mainly to promote the woman’s jacket and coat, and let my page looks not too complex, so I put the other goods, such as jacket, handbag, shoes these goods inside, so do a more professional women Taobao guest. The arrangement in the navigation is also carefully arranged, all relating to women’s clothing. This makes the page seem comfortable.


third points, the relevance of the goods

What is the essence of This is not the past remind

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