Online customer service system — changing visitors to customers, changing traffic to sales!Tips for

analysis of

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network can be replicated, and this applies equally to Taobao.

then I wrote in my shop "know how to take notes, $500 a share, and that’s what it takes to maximize the product."

, for example, I want to sell the notes to understand, so I set a high price, set up 100 thousand yuan, I write in it, understand the current business forum notes + whole sale, 100 thousand yuan, this way is mainly to prevent the waiter to delete.

initiate function: a customer into the website will prompt you to voice, view real-time visitor access path, and initiate the inquiry and visit website visitors, real-time customer interaction with the first time to seize every potential customer.

data analysis

automatic answering

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online customer service system — change visitors for customers, change the flow for sales!

product features:

we usually want to search some baby in Taobao, then we in addition to choose our businesses, we should pay attention to what? That is in accordance with the credit ranking, and then from the first began his research station, because his station is the first, then certainly no ordinary place, his income will be very high, as long as his income, so that we can replicate his success.

network, the real high income earners, not Wangzhuan master, but Taobao master and master Alibaba, so we do not let any one and we are dealing with people, these are the best master, they can do we can do the same.

people search for Taobao’s baby, often choose to arrange in accordance with the price. Therefore, when we sell something on Taobao, we should not only set up the highest price in the same industry, but also set up the lowest price in the same industry.

at the same time, I want to set a minimum price, that is, 1 dollars, in it, I write, understand the notes, a dollar.

we’re not just going to repeat their success, but also beyond their success, they have products, we can directly find manufacturers through the Alibaba, get a lower purchase price, the way we have been beyond some targeted by us.

custom LOGO
Customize dialog box LOGO: to enhance the corporate image, make customers feel more professional, LOGO dialog box can be replaced with your own LOGO, show the company’s professional image.

The success of the

, for example, for example, I want to sell a fan now, then I give my fans a name, called an electronic fan, I search on Taobao search results to ensure a baby, only me, of course this is just my name, the name must have characteristics a feature that is in the entire network, and Taobao, are not the same.

then I modify an erotic article, but it is not the kind of color can be released in the portal site that, then I write an article, call me by our experience, then I write the whole process, he said he wrote from Taobao bought me a fan. Let me say that I feel, I looked at the package, written as electronic fan, a fan and I think what strange function ah, when he gave me the time for the fan fan, I suddenly felt as if to get some kind of stimulus, their inner desire to be immediately… Get up >

custom service icon

common language preset
can be set in advance good phrases that when a customer consultation can be issued, reduce the workload.

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third party temptations.

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