Webmaster’s Heart Sutra a little advice for amateur owners

  it’s really a little suggestion. If you’re not a full-time webmaster, if you have a few minutes, you might as well read the article in binary. The definition of amateur Webmaster: "here is probably a little narrow, I think there are two main types of" students are classes, full-time work, leisure time, construction of the site is another category." As long as you are a webmaster, do not rely on the establishment of a site, then an amateur webmaster. First of all, we start from the characteristics of amateur webmaster analysis:

1: can not wholeheartedly into the site

always want to clear understanding of yourself, you are not a full-time webmaster, don’t use energy transition for site construction. Do all the entertainment on the website, at the rate of as high as 95% or less, don’t be sentimentally attached to God, will be sentimentally attached to you, a success. There are many webmaster work during the day, a boil at night until two or three in the evening to update the site to do promotion, resulting in the last second days of work is not satisfactory, and in the end get what? The Internet has a chance, but it’s fleeting.

above content is to the "office worker" webmaster some suggestions, and student webmaster must remember, your task is to study. Do not say I do not study, I will do the website, this is impractical. A few days ago a student webmaster and I QQ, that is two years as a forum, but the forum still half-dead, asked me what to do. Learning not to learn, to do the station is not good, and now about to graduate, still busy for the forum, can not learn the true skills, how to break into society? May be in the final examination but also the Search ask tutors run to and fro, not even a no make-up, all is because of what?

two: capital investment must be less than

amateur webmaster from the outset doomed difficult to succeed, the first funds could not vote is enough, after all not good boondoggle, who will conduct site operators into full-time webmaster like the same? Reluctant children can not bear the wolf, amateur webmaster even willing to waste money.

, and student stationmaster itself is lack of money more, oneself have no economic source, study life depends on family. Virtual host? What kind of domain name is economic popularization? Taobao look at what minimum, to the end, even if the site is not unstable space, that is, DNS parsing killed, so how to do it? No wonder the family gives the money every month. What else is there, apart from the cost of living? Go out to do a part-time job, then miss the station, and are not willing to go out. Moreover, college students themselves do not walk out of the campus and lack awareness of money making.

three: passion is greater than effort, interest determines everything,

does not have much time in itself. After seeing others succeed, they begin to imitate and look forward to it. A bright future thinking, the template from the station to the program, easy acquisition, are busy, but found that included not patronize. It’s strange to search engines, not in the absence of enough time, either

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