Novice webmaster 4 months experience do not easily stand

ha ha, see this title, many webmaster may not understand. I don’t know who said it. The first time I saw it was blue, the boss said. "Don’t stand easily." at first I was hard to understand. Why would he say that?. Is it difficult to do a station or to make a station without a future? Consider carefully, in fact, it has another meaning: "do not stand easily, stand up, do not give up easily."

4 months ago, with a passion, CiCool customers I was established, was excited about 20 days to experience the site Admin5, remember that article was approved by the time, still very happy of the shots, after all, is the first article. 4 months have passed. Found that the original webmaster really tired, constantly collecting resources every day, and constantly promote, publicity, and constantly input cnzz, according to F5 refresh the statistics, today is a little bit, it will be very uncomfortable.

CiCool self timer network just built up, with incomparable passion, updated every day, hand updates, hand pictures. Do picture station is really hard to do, go to the forum to promote not only keep the address, pictures, relying on watermark propaganda, to the website can find some characteristics, point out of the ordinary picture resources, but found that the network resources are in turn light. Very little is available. Maybe it’s too demanding.

, after two months, was once going to sell his website. I haven’t updated my website for a long time. When I look at statistics and people come, I feel very sad. I feel like a child of my own. Although you don’t care about it, it still attracts others to make it grow. I don’t know if those friends who sell their websites have gone back to their websites again. Have you ever been jealous of someone else’s good management? Have you ever been upset by someone else’s waste?

please in front of the sale station must carefully consider, really want to leave it? Please webmaster do before the station must consider good, whether to do such a station. If you really want to do it, you must insist, do not give up easily. Remember, "do not easily stand, do stand, do not give up easily", looking at the website IP day by day growth, is a little relieved, and opened a forum on the web site, intends to re organize, and start again. CiCool self timer network BBS:, I’m here to say, very despise that kind of turn figure, the watermark covered people……

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