How to build a new station into a successful website

since last year, Baidu began to vigorously combat garbage sites, now new sites more and more difficult to do, because Baidu new sites for the threshold is higher and higher, the webmaster living space is also getting smaller and smaller. Some webmaster will ask whether after grassroots Adsense can’t do site, in my view may not be, then we come to talk about how to put a new station into a successful website!


first, select the industry you know well,

this is a key point, why do you say, a series of strikes last year, Baidu has launched a signal support for Baidu original content will spare no effort, we imagine if we enter a you are not familiar with the industry, so how do we solve the original content, some people may say that I ask an editor however, for many grassroots Adsense, looks like this is not a real problem, into a familiar industry still has an advantage, is that you understand the industry user preferences, the positioning of the site can be as far as possible to the user by the love, such as I do. Two times the development of network because of the author to understand the dream of this system, and the author made two development for several years. At present, for some webmaster needs more understanding, the author divided the demand point Analysis of two: first, now some grassroots webmaster in site of the process will encounter some problems, my website users can solve his problem, second, owners need some DedeCMS plug-in, DedeCMS module the author from the two aspects, then these can solve the problems of users, I believe that is very helpful the

for the development of the site

two, combined with network marketing means

first, let us consider, what is the original intention and goal of our own website, the website is to let people access, then this process we do not necessarily have to wait for the keywords optimization up, we can boldly use some network marketing to help our website development, the author has made a friend some time ago he chose a recruitment website, email marketing, web site traffic is heard early to get through this way, I have a friend to do a Taobao u passenger station, his way through the QQ group, focused on a group of users love shopping, then this part will flow into your own website, this way later very successful network marketing many, today the article, here I will not start one by one

three, enhance the station user experience

some people put the user experience equivalent to the UI of the website, this view is completely wrong, only a shell of the site design, good body, no internal things or not attract others, so in the end user experience is what I’m here to talk about a few


) the beauty of the website page

although the user experience is not equivalent to the site’s UI, but the beauty of the web site is absolutely an integral part of the website user experience.


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