Brief talk about the founding road of Changzhi and decoration network

Hello, very happy to be here with you to explore the road of entrepreneurship today, I am Changzhi decoration nets webmaster, today by A5, to introduce myself and Changzhi decoration website growth path, please everybody to give some directions, I thanked first here.

was the first to me, I am a college graduate from Shanxi in 08 years, the major is computer, after graduation students are working for the fan difficult, each printed many resumes, I like, but with other classmates a little different, every day they are with a lot of different enterprises to resume recruitment, try a variety of job opportunity, and I have a resume is not just away, forcing yourself to learn computer practical knowledge, learning website production, is about to leave the school when I choose an internship in a network company in Taiyuan, during the internship for the other one focus on learning website more basic knowledge, after a month to finish the formalities, introduced by the teacher to work on an Internet company, or to learn the main, here is one and a half years In the past, with the help of my colleagues and managers, I have made great progress in my skills, and improved in other convenient abilities.

in March 09, a friend and casual chat, ask myself is website program development so how do websites try? After that, he is pondering this matter, after a period of observation we found in Changzhi decoration industry is chaotic, the other in the city this one has a good platform for local public use, so I decided to do a decoration industry portal – Changzhi decoration mesh, this name will determine the site of the whole direction, there are two main parts: one is for the owners, one is for the decoration enterprise, have a website the aim and idea, began the development of web application, this process is tired and happy for me, as soon as possible in order to make website, every night after 12 o’clock to sleep, although very tired, but the feeling is very practical! Such a month after my decoration network finally on-line, the choice of domain name is Changzhi area code, plus decorative network phonetic alphabet, that is,, so that Internet users at a glance, it is easy to remember, but also prominent theme. After finishing, the website can have the following functions:

1, decorative bidding

Changzhi decoration mesh in the continuous improvement of the structure of the website at the same time, and actively explore new ideas of industry website development, establish a scientific online bidding procedure, advocate "honesty and self-discipline and healthy development of enterprises, safeguard the fundamental interests of customers decoration bidding.

2, decoration enterprise

Changzhi decoration directory guide for consumers to facilitate the decoration.

3, recruitment, job search,

this column is mainly free of charge for the industry and enterprises to provide recruitment and job search needs.

4, category information >

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