Talking about the experience of novice standing for one year

has just started, is a small game to start, I didn’t know what optimization, therefore did not do too many things, then listen to friends that don’t do optimization, it is difficult to get traffic, no traffic is difficult to enter the rich, therefore, began to regret, and then to see the tutorial, the title changed and changed, keywords add delete (novice friends must not do), bought some connection, the station began to


station on the line for more than a week, Baidu is not included, everyone said, game station included a very slow, there is certain to insist on every update, and update things must be considered by Baidu in addition to the original, but also the corresponding outside the company, but also can write text to guide the flow in! Listen to this, feel

have a big head!

every day to update is not difficult to write original, it is not difficult, it is difficult to write text, I believe many of my friends will not start in the soft, the younger brother is the same, do not know where to start, do not know where to write soft! Remember once, go to the end of the world, found a post in the. The article is well written, there is no one outside the company, but after reading this article, but it can make people remember his website, I think it is the highest level of soft! Later, that such a model, began to write soft Wen, really difficult to write, changed and changed, in no way, write some feelings, with a few words, so posted up, really did not expect to flow, it makes me

tread on air!

, there are 3, one is even in the soft and soft, is their own web site keywords, URL, the second is pseudo soft, is copying others, in the title, at the beginning of 1, 2 increase in new things, the third is not that soft AD things, let others feel is soft, but can let a person remember visible things, I think this is the highest level of the soft, soft soft Wen Wen is not


connection has 2 kinds, one is connected, is connected to this website, the website that the formation of a small inner connecting ring, a turn two, two in grade three, grade three to grade two to grade three, remained in the appropriate directory, directory in three, more than three directory, the effect is not very good, to the search engine friendly degree also increased. The other one is even, even there are many kinds of AD can be outside the company, Baidu know, Baidu post can have a connection, but Baidu is not good to do outside the company, can go to Sina, Tianya, and other large BLOG forum, even do, friendship connection is a connection, do the effect of friendship is one of the best, but do friendship connection should be paid attention to when the other station quality, SITE is not in the home, have not been K, the other station connection number, generally more than 50 of the station, I think it is best not to do ~


keyword, to now search engine algorithm again and again change, younger brother think keyword effect has not been so important, and even more than the title of the weight (TITLE), of course, KEYW>

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