Talking about my alternative original method

about literary creation of new sites, not popular at first, no article is difficult to do. It’s like my pea Paradise: So we thought of the collection, but the collection of things, Baidu does not like, Baidu likes originality. So only from the "original" there to find a way out. I have a way here to get the original.

everyone should have QQ? Have you ever played QQ space? (HA HA)


we can see it in the upper right corner of QQ space. We can randomly access other people’s QQ space.

Most of the

visits were officially recommended for better spaces.

did they write a lot of literature?. Where can I start?. Copy their articles to their website.

of course, we finally have to explain where the source is on the website, otherwise I’m too sorry for them; · · ·

here, someone will ask: why do we go to QQ space where to collect? We use their not copy, than pseudo original also rubbish,


, everyone here should know. Baidu loves Sina’s blog. But for the QQ space, but a little bit. Rarely receive QQ space. You have confiscated all the articles you have collected.

so we put the QQ space in other people’s articles to our website to publish, Baidu received your web site after the article, you will change the original.

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