What’s so hard about online education Look, it’s a weight issue

a lot of people doing this is difficult, where


first difficult, no traffic (or traffic is small),

second difficult, low conversion rate, small flow, then basically no conversion fee student amount.

This article seems to have no

. Most complain is not to make money, really tired. This is certainly a false proposition, Zhenlei ye may not make money, should not make money, the heart is tired, exactly is trouble.

At the beginning of

business is not difficult to do, why is it so hard to online education, a monthly income of millions is not. Probably because of too many competitors, yes, not the user does not pay, is too much competition. In ensuring the quality of the premise of the course, to find traffic is indeed the most tired.

QQ group, a group of the rankings do go up, one day hundreds of applications with precise user group; now impossible, QQ group search area show, the first row of my QQ group Beijing users search, Changsha users search, can not find.

look at Baidu promotion, before the promotion costs super cheap, there are users, but no advertising. Now, the cost of doing education is at least $6, and small companies can’t afford it. It’s just for big companies to promote brands. Wow, look, that XX agency, Baidu search, XX training, related words, you can see it. Yes, this advertisement serves the flow of other channels, and the revenue from advertising itself is not proportional to the revenue.

the end of the end, now Tencent class traffic is also very little, so. It doesn’t matter, now, small institutions on the platform training PS can still make money, it means that it will not be the ashes of the rhythm.

first wants to make money in the online education field, but also to pay for it. Although the training is to make quick money, but we must recognize the fact that each new one to enter this industry, is a stumbling block, means more stumbling; unless you can think of "peer" admission to training, training, or to do the training service (such as classroom platform for Tencent is it so). Cooperation is mutually complementary and long-term business support.

to see what the money making agencies are paying.

1, lecturer at the time, including but not limited to the curriculum research, user service, lectures… And is continuous, long! What Niubi, although you in practice more Niubi, teaching effect is not necessarily good. A nervous tinkling se a word of God is not much; consider the students’ background, there is talk with eloquence God; only a trick of God is more. Yes, yes, you are a high-end designer, you are a high-end electricity supplier operators, you are BAT engineers. The background of your success may not be the student’s current background. The biggest problem with the student is that you may think it is a small problem.

for designers, you make design, make money, and lecture to earn money, patterns and…

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