New site must see information

and a new person to join the ranks of the webmaster, friends want to do stand, let me write an article about the new site should know what and attention to him. I haven’t written any articles for beginners since I’ve just started my business. I would like to call this opportunity to be published and to share my experience with summing up my experience. I think it’s very useful for beginners. Get to the point:

Article 1: site positioning

summed up a sentence: combined with their own, precise positioning, not big, but fine and professional.

site positioning has always been the first step in the building site, do not blindly start the site, must be sure that you do the direction of the station. Recommendation: novice first do garbage station to try, and then a bit of capital, consider promising industry station. As for doors, Huxing, websites and the like, do not take into account. It’s best to combine yourself with your own interests and abilities (connections, resources, energy and time), and then do what you need to do. Do these, I think you can, and the financing of what first do not consider, you are new, you have to familiarize yourself with the site, familiar with the basic operation of the site, promotion, etc.. First positioning a small aspect in the development. Garbage station transformation industry station is still a good way.

second: domain name and space

domain name is best com, whether from the SEO point of view or after the development of the site. Followed by org, net and other domain names. There are domestic top-level domain CN and SEOer tested are good. Experience is CN domain name, Baidu included as usual, just increase the audit efforts and extended the included or audit time, however, website optimization master often use is used in flood, so cn is more natural than some. If you can get the government domain name gov, no better, even is also very good, so that the beginning of the search engine will trust you. Just said is a domain name suffix, the whole is best to contain the keyword Pinyin, then consider acronyms or numbers, alphanumeric combinations, and if the focus on brand, a catchy short easy to remember domain name will be the best, look at me (love you Xiaonei code station) is good right, oh.

space: there are only six words: stable, fast and safe. You buy a virtual host, or rented or hosted, or their own server, but also to ensure stability, but also fast and safe. These three are important not only to your visitors, but to search engines as well. It is recommended to use the nets of the space business, although the price is expensive, but still very good. Only recommend this one, others dare not evaluate. Also, it is better not to use free space, space can not spend a few money, free time to hang up, and your web site will be all gone,. You have to remind the novice. The size of the space, we can buy according to the actual situation of their own website, general articles, classes of stations, hundreds of M space is enough, to do pictures or download stations will be >!

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