Game video sharing website Twitch what sell 1 billion knives

[Abstract] yesterday, with a nearly $1 billion Amazon Twitch into her arms, figure is what? What kind of game player groups have distinct characteristics, their pleasure come from? The buddy in the crowd, and to learn what to take on Twitch



may rarely notice that gamers have dual attributes: they like to play games themselves, and they like to watch other people play games. The pleasure of both is very close.

80, 90, many young people have seen WCG, the game industry once the top event, in fact, video sharing conference.

in the domestic, the game industry is to feed the giants, including Tencent, NetEase, Shanda, including large and small Internet companies. However, for the game player’s first attribute: like to play their own game, our manufacturers are basically catering to this demand. Second attributes, watching others playing games, there is no one doing.

game video to watch the potential volume of

, according to an IHS survey in May this year, the Chinese mainland has become the biggest market for video games on the Internet, followed by the United States and South korea.

, for example, is a Twitch video game sharing site with an active monthly population of 55 million, and 58% of users spend more than 20 hours a week watching video games on Twitch.

last year, gamers worldwide spent a total of 2 billion 400 million hours watching video games. With Twitch being integrated into the latest generation of console games, Bloomberg expects a growth rate of time, as shown in figure



into various screens of varying sizes

Amazon’s intention to acquire Twitch may be to infiltrate as many screens as possible. Following the Kindle Fire Phone tablet computer, mobile phone, Fire, TV set-top boxes and other hardware after the launch, Amazon yesterday, with a nearly $1 billion to Twitch in my arms. Google added a new platform for advertising, you can understand that Amazon will need a video sharing site more than Google, this operation is what kind of consideration?


Twitch acquisition seems random, for Amazon, no less than even more than their own mobile phone hardware Fire Phone significance. Apple and Google have completely taken over the small screen, which is pretty much the case, but the game’s screen – the original TV – is still fiercely competitive. The key to fighting the living room war is television, which is a promising field for Twitch.

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