Feasibility of personal industry navigation station development

is currently standing professional competition is fierce innumerable, personal development, professional stations are facing a shortage of funds, lack of "human" to promote resistance, do a professional station more feasible way is to do the navigation station industry I suggest, it has the following advantages: < /p>

1, easy navigation station and professional website to exchange links, this is a mutually beneficial cooperation process, I have been using this site to make a few more than PR4 link; such as my station is safe production site navigation station, a large collection of safe production sites, of course, including many non-profit industry station, such as security protective equipment production, sales of the industry, including some of the PR value high enterprise station, into a relatively high value chain.

2, relatively speaking, the trade station navigation station competition is smaller. Others, like hao123265 and other navigation stations, have been on the side, and it’s difficult to get a slice of a big, hao123 like station. But similar to education navigation station, medical navigation station, clothing navigation station and so on the website, has the bigger development space to individual stationmaster. Of course, it is not difficult to imagine the more popular competition in the industry is also not small, so I suggest only doing more biased industry, pay attention to is more partial, too biased, then it will lose the meaning of existence.

3, easy maintenance management, this is also very important for personal webmaster;

finally, explain the first station in published articles, writing, experiences are insufficient, hope everybody Adsense advice! Well, not much to say, I hope this article is useful to you, hope to communicate with you QQ:253512907

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