Beauty station experience sharing

webmaster many, beauty webmaster is not much, more famous beauty webmaster is less, and even some people say that the Internet age there are three kinds of people: men, women, women webmaster. A station woman really needs more money and a strong will.

, I’m the stationmaster, the female stationmaster. My name is amy.

did a few websites, marriage, fashion network, a woman dressed with honey net, net, existing to make a web site navigation {} – cola. In general, the site is not difficult, it is difficult to popularize, free promotion is more difficult, for example, web site navigation, although many, but the level of the interface is not much, not much good, can let the person impression even less. Through the construction of Coca Cola site navigation, I summed up the website construction experience:

1, the site is completed, in the major search engine login, especially the United States web site to log in, this is a lot of search engines search basis.

2, published original article. Original articles, on the one hand, you can bring a large number of IP through search engines, on the other hand you can bring traffic with your peers, you can also enhance visibility. Originality is the life of the website.

3, adding backlinks. Reverse link not only can increase the opportunity that the website is browsed, expand popularity, also help very much to PR, raise the ALEXA rank of the website, cola website navigation can help all kinds of websites realize retrorse link.

4, the "crowd tactics" in the limited circumstances, is undoubtedly the best. Around the post, especially the web site posting, increase the chance of exposure, and slowly become the high visibility of the site, site navigation { Cola} now basically through personnel promotion, of course, word of mouth, and even a lot of people download back to their own space, for the convenience of their own, but also the convenience of others.

5, offline activities. Coca Cola website navigation, every month in Guangzhou will engage in activities, every issue of a topic, we can speak freely, there are tea, and more importantly, there are guests, and completely free.

6, in the webmaster general assembly, there are many cattle owners, a lot of dirt, inspiration, to the development of the site of resonance, can also find a partner who is responsible for our understanding in the webmaster meeting, so every year we attend stationmaster plenary meeting, sent a lot of name card, like Beijing, Shanghai the Southern China conference is generally in the webmaster. Interested in the webmaster conference in Southern China, free of charge, registration address:




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