Grassroots webmaster do garbage station should have a garbage appearance

              every day on the A5 to study, rarely speak in general, yesterday saw a friend in one of her business records mentioned me, I can not feel out. Thank you A5 webmaster to Fifi article approved, I have a deep feeling, I hope more people can write their own experiences, do we share the joy and pain, because the station: webmaster, you are not a person in battle.

          A5;     is a good place; individuals feel that they are the first choice for the original experience. Fifi this girl is very strong, is a rare good material female master, how could not now, but 35 years after the original act, the article did not see you reading it, graduation do webmaster about my entrepreneurial experience, this and we mainly talk about some personal experience of the garbage station.

             ; I began personal Adsense career in 2003, time is not long, not long, the station master experience, ashamed, there is no big as yet. During the attempted industry station, shopping mall, and many other types of portal sites, and even individual stationmaster survival is not easy, this time some people take what business how to run a lot of venture capital, used to know a friend has a strong government background, made a local news portal, now rash and too much in haste. Let’s look back and say "grassroots", no money no potential, is not easy, so in my 8 years of experience, personal webmaster do stand should be "survival", it is to make money first, and then seek the development, of course, these are purely personal opinions, please paizhuan.

              1, station location: a word "garbage station should have a garbage like," why do you say, a waste station based on the "cost leadership". Some people may disagree, but as a purely grassroots webmaster, you have no food and clothing to solve, you talk about what development?. What page art, paid procedures, Baidu bidding, advertising and so on, not outsourcing, online free resources many, many can use, make full use of all the cost can save on the province. If you still throw a lot of money into a station, or even a promotion, buy an ad or something, then I advise you to take home early.

                2, the domain name garbage station select:.Com meters, the earth people know, poor webmaster you best not to know, you will note on the line, or cost". Or you can use the remaining meters

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