1 billion dollars Fab.com’s selling Secrets products with stories



gay theme started the social networking site Fab.com in July last year, the successful transformation into a product design online flash sales site, in these 11 months, the site sold a total of 1 million items, namely every minute 2.6 pieces of goods for sale. At present, the company has valued more than 1 billion U. S. dollars.

, co – founder and CCO (Creative Director) of Bradford Shellhammer, attributed Fab.com’s success to good products. So, what kind of product is "worthy of" Fab.com,



Shellhammer asks the team to focus on finding products that appeal to consumers’ hot eyes.

"the core value that we have been looking for in our product or design philosophy is whether we like it or even fall in love with it.". I also want to create a big brand like apple or IKEA. IKEA is more than just furniture, and it has an emotional connection with consumers. It may not be for everyone, but in the minds of those who fit, IKEA can not be replaced."

Shellhammer says that in the early days of his website, he often calls every designer he wants and asks them to join the Fab.com team. Now, Fab has set up a special group of 30 people to collect talented designers all over the world.

in addition to reading fashion magazines and blogs, but also to participate in the group of various well-known fashion show and exhibition design, also need to visit some exotic shops, in order to find the next generation of design masters. (yes, they’re hiring. Students with design talent don’t miss it) young designers who just stepped out of school will have the chance to play at Fab. "

," Shellhammer said

, the people who follow the crowd are not our food; what we really need is someone with a unique style of our own."

wants to put the product of his design on Fab.com and see if it meets the Shellhammer requirements:


1. beautifully designed

"there are some interesting things in style, color, or other related aspects.". Is it a special style? Is there something different? "

2. is the product of the story,

"as long as the product has a story behind it, whether it’s a teacup or a tablecloth, we can sell it."."


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