King Wang do not finish the money you can’t earn

saw the article before Wang Wang, just finished with a friend on the site difficult discussion, and then read this article, the Internet industry felt a deeper layer.

the Internet is not rich, he has no difference with the traditional nature of the industry, but also the same even more: you do not work, the money will not come to you! Webmasters are saying, it’s hard to do now, is difficult to make money, including I also affected, was also depressed stagnant. One day, I suddenly think of a lot, some wake up, chatting with friends said out. Let me show you how to write it in the form of a chat record. My writing ability is very poor. If I write it in written form, I feel exhausted.

cute, you 16:11:20

now do new station, poor

cute, you 16:11:27

has no weight and is suppressed everywhere,

Wang 16:11:30

ha ha,

Wang 16:11:34

competition is big,

cute, you 16:12:19

well… Poor,

cute, you 16:12:47

, but really, don’t be afraid. Full of confidence.

cute, you 16:13:05

I’ve been rather depressed for the last half year.

cute, you 16:13:21

first, do that new station, XXX did not develop. It’s still K.

cute, you 16:13:50

also has to go to the webmaster class website. Be affected by that kind of atmosphere, feel to do a website very hard..

cute, you 16:14:00

what websites have been done? No more space. No chance,

cute, you 16:14:20

and remember the most clear word is that we are the network of migrant workers adsense..

cute, you 16:14:44

really seems to have been there since then, and I think the future is very depressing.

cute, you 16:15:02

people want to tell me how to do a website. I answered, "it’s hard.". Better not do it.

Wang 16:15:10


Wang 16:15:14

it’s hard,

cute, you 16:15:17



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