The value only then has the dissemination, the soft text marketing needs to stick to the quality

despite the existence of some criticism, soft Wen in helping brand building, shaping and product service marketing, has been a backbone. Just like a good film and television drama, it can be more effective than hard advertising if it is implanted with advertisements. What is soft Wen? Soft Wen in fact around us around, and in the network is increasingly popular now, most brand construction molding more or less exist soft soft shadow. For example, an article described how to construct the knowledge production marketing website, not much, if any in the mention of a site construction company. How to categorize this article? Although more an article of knowledge, but it is a soft text. So, in the news, technical articles and soft Wen between, it is difficult to clear boundaries, good soft Wen is originally very valuable, moisten things silently, advertising embedded in your heart. So, soft Wen, first of all, there is a content, quality article, quality is not allowed to be missing.

one, involving brand image can not be careless,

pay attention to soft Wen, also often see soft text, especially some portal on the number of pay soft Wen, there are always a lot of companies take their own brand joking feeling. The empty put all sorts of things together do not say, the most basic grammar and logic do not cross the border, wrongly written or mispronounced characters are full. Have this feeling, this conclusion should be a lot of friends, but is released if hard to pay for soft, intended to enhance the brand image, it did not let the brand image is invisible loss, nature is not a good thing. The soft content suck, will first give users leave bad impression, then will increase the user’s psychological vigilance, so out of kilter article. How large the portal site


even advertising, but also to do something beautiful. Return to the essence of soft Wen, it is also a kind of advertising, the best side to show to build in the consumer, so that the effect of communication will be maximized. The author thinks that, from the perspective of maintaining the brand image of the point of view, the following two kinds of soft writing style of the most intolerable. One is the lack of core content, put all sorts of things together, valuable information, coupled with the lack of language skills, it is easy to leave a bad impression to the user. So soft, will play the opposite role, such as the cost of energy, as to the user in an imaginary space; two is the quality is acceptable, but is not associated with the brand publicity, although can play a certain effect, but not to maximize.

two, expanding the scope of communication, relying on the value of

through soft text marketing, the vast majority of people without two purposes. Because choose to release soft Wen platform, mostly more influential media. So the first purpose is through soft communication, enhance brand awareness and reputation, and even directly contributed to the product or service sales; due to the soft concern of many people, after the release of information is forwarded on, has the absolute advantage in link building. And portal weight is very high, so portal website releases soft Wen, become link >

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