Write to everyone since the media needs to take advantage of each step

Since the birth of the media

universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, largely to meet everyone’s desire and expression and portal tree idea, as long as there is enough level and ability, everyone can become a journalist, everyone can engage in a column, everyone can get information. But from the personal thinking to the media or a distance, need a platform, or a kind of ability is not developed well in many media, often does not receive the account, make ends meet, not long before he died, such a platform is not a few. From the media what is unique, out of the ordinary? We all know that since the media is a natural resource, is a kind of non filtered media form, easy to make "long winded" disease, no essence, no nutrition. So the more stringent requirements on, what should take what kind of line, what kind of content creation, it has a spot to play advantage, but also has a better fast spreading effect, but is not casual, that is often not end, since the media want to have better development you have to plan. Well, here’s how the media can write different columns of content. What resources do you need?.

, the first user point of view to think about, with real feelings of creation. More from the media side there is no way to open the distressed development situation, I do not know what kind of creative columns to attract eyeballs, while a big consumer own reputation, more time has been hovering in distress, so as not to move forward. Since the media development, the need to draw support from some public opinion forces, to create some reputation and reputation for themselves, that is, the need to spread through the media, so that the media quickly hot up. At this time, to know the momentum of the fierce, go fast, rally can usher in a short-term effect, how to maintain the user from the media platform, or rely on content to do articles. So, need to stand in the user’s point of view to think about, what they need, with real feelings to create, give them what they need, is a good column. In addition, the creation of professional can reduce the number of components is not that bad, at least to meet the tastes of the public, no loopholes emphasized, involving professional knowledge from the media also has business difficulties.

second, the choice of the route determines what kind of road should be taken, since the media should be based on the actual needs of fans to improve. The road decides everything, the future is at the foot, different roads have different results. It is the same reason to operate from the media. Since the media, the first choice should be considered, and why the kind of community services, men, women, old, or less, and future planning should be clearly set up a direction. A target to plan, good practice, there will not be a big deviation, to write a different column, here need to ponder, for the following users to do strategizing for the user taste in mind. Once you have a good grasp of the following situation, you will not appear "open circuit" event when you create it. With direction and demand, you can accurately determine the theme and the scope of creation. Basically, you can say "big >"

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